Plies Lines Up Star-Studded Follow-Up Singles Featuring Jamie Foxx, Keyshia Cole

The-Dream, J. Holiday also pop up on next two tracks: 'Please Excuse My Hands' and '#1 Fan.'

Plies insists a trio is better than a duo. After his first single, "Bust It Baby Pt. 2," featured only one guest star (Ne-Yo), he's going in for the kill by giving fans a pair of collaborators (plus himself, of course) on his next two tracks.

"That record, I feel, is a helluva second single," he said of Definition of Real's "Please Excuse My Hands," which features Jamie Foxx and The-Dream. "To come behind a #1 record and have a person who's currently relevant in Dream, one of the better songwriters to come through this industry, and then do the Jamie Foxx thing, the boss of all bosses — I wanted to try something differently than I did on my last album.

"Even my third single, '#1 Fan,' with Keyshia Cole and J. Holiday," he added. "I wanted to load up two big features on that record as well. Try something different. A lot of times you get a feature, and it's just you and that other artist. I wanted to see if I could bring something different to the game, see if I can force people to follow my trend."

The video for "Please Excuse My Hands" is almost here, and Plies said he's getting positive reviews thus far. He said the record describes a scenario we've all been through: when lust takes over our minds.

"I think at some point in time, we always see that person from afar or in a club or in an elevator that allows us to look at them, and in our mind, we already lived that [sexual] situation out," he explained of the cut. "To run with that whole concept, 'Please Excuse My Hands,' the male embracement of that record has been crazy to me. When I go to radio stations, I hear DJs, jocks tell me, 'Man, I love this way better than "Bust It Baby." ' I thought it was gonna be a female-driven record."