Young Jeezy Previews Recession Tracks At NYC Listening Party

The Snowman mixes serious topics with party anthems on September 2 release.

NEW YORK — "Mr. 17.5" is now "Mr. September 2." Young Jeezy joked Monday night that he's changing his nickname until his upcoming album, The Recession, drops.

He held a small listening session for his third LP at Katra Lounge. He's upgraded himself lyrically and spread himself out thematically, while the beats have a sinister, "Dark Knight"-like edge to them.

On "Vacation," he talks about going home to get back to reality and feeling most comfortable around his people. "I'm minding my business, why is n---as hatin'?" he asks on the track. "I keep it too real, why is n---as fakin'?"

The title track begins with a woman complaining about the high price of gasoline and struggling with other monetary problems. "The rich get richer, the poor get poorer," she laments.

Jeezy comes in and promises to "give everybody hope." Even he has to pray aloud in these tough times: "Wish I had me some money/ I'd buy me some better luck."

"Crazy World" revolves around the wild reality of Young Jeezy — someone with riches to spare but, despite his great intentions, can't save the whole world. Top on his priority list is helping an ailing aunt in need of a kidney transplant.

Young describes "I'm Amazing" as "the new national trap-star anthem."

"My President's Black" has been long talked about but only heard by a select few. It's definitely one of the album's deepest records, but you can't let yourself be fooled by the hook, on which he boasts, "My president's black/ My Lambo's blue/ I'll be goddamned if my rims ain't too."

Jeezy's stuntin' game is indeed up, but he also speaks from the perspective of the people when he talks about what his ideal commander in chief would need to accomplish. "We need a miracle," he raps. "I say 'a miracle' 'cause this sh--'s hysterical."

After Katra, it was off to the Bronx's Sin City with a slew of DJs, such as S&S and Statik Selektah. Celebrities such as Nets player Vince Carter and Dead Prez's M-1 also came through.