Tokio Hotel Gush About VMA Nomination, 'Sexy' Rihanna, Jonas Brothers

'For us it's so cool to be nominated,' Bill Kaulitz says.

Tokio Hotel may still be somewhat new to the American scene, but they sure have some rabid fans.

This week, the guys told MTV News about one girl who risked her life for the chance to meet the band.

"She climbed into our bedroom — it was horrible," guitarist Tom Kaulitz groaned. His brother, singer Bill, added, "It was the second floor and it was really crazy. We were like, 'Oh ... hi?' But she was so sweet. She was very nervous."

The German rockers say they can't believe they've been nominated for a Best Pop Video VMA this year, especially since it puts them in company with the likes of such big names as the Jonas Brothers, Britney Spears and Panic at the Disco.

"We don't expect it, so for us it's so cool to be nominated," Bill said. "It's really, really special for us — it's America and it's our first American award, and that's so huge."

The band said they were nervous about going up against the Jonas Brothers for the award. "I think the Jonas Brothers are really [successful] in America," Bill said. "Everyone is talking about the Jonas brothers."

The guys said they don't think they're going to win, but they're happy enough just being nominated. "It's so crazy, I mean, I still can't believe it," Bill gushed. "Last year we were nominated at the [MTV Europe Music Awards; they won one] and it was the biggest thing we had, and now it is the Video Music Awards."

That excitement — as well as some nervousness — carries over to the band's U.S. tour, which kicks off in New Jersey on Thursday. "We are nervous before every concert," Bill said. "I think we are the most nervous band in the world. We are together nervous." The band plans to continue work on its next LP during the tour. "We are right now in the studio in Europe and we are producing our third record so I think there are some surprises," Bill added. "I've always have my laptop with me and a pen."

Back to the VMAs, the band has one more hope for that big night. "I think it would be so cool to meet Rihanna," Bill said, " 'cause she's so sexy."

The 25th VMAs are scheduled to take over the legendary Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood on September 7, with the Jonas Brothers already confirmed to perform. Of course, additional acts will be gracing the VMA stage this year, and those names will be unveiled in the coming weeks. British funnyman and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" co-star Russell Brand has been named the show's host.

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