Jonas Brothers Are 'Burnin' Up' With Excitement For VMA Performance, Talk 'Camp Rock' Sequel

New single from band's forthcoming album hits Web.

say they can't wait to take the stage at this year's VMAs in Los Angeles on September 7. The trio are brimming with excitement over the chance to perform their hit song, "Burnin' Up" — which is nominated for Best Pop Video — in front of some of Hollywood's most famous faces.

"It's a song that we've been performing all summer long," Joe Jonas told MTV News at the Teen Choice Awards. "It'll be different because we're doing it at an awards show in front of all the celebrities you grew up watching. [But] at the same time we're doing our thing."

(While they're not old enough to be the kind of celebs the brothers grew up watching, German superstars raved about the group — in no uncertain terms! — to MTV News this week: "I think the Jonas Brothers are really sexy in America," the group's Bill Kaulitz said. "Everyone is talking about the Jonas Brothers.")

But the brothers stressed that they're thankful for their VMA nominations. "We just heard that, and all we can say is thank you," Joe said. "I mean, this is a first year for a lot of things for us."

Speaking of firsts, the group just released a new single — the title track from their forthcoming LP, A Little Bit Longer, which comes out August 12. The song is about Nick's battle with type 1 diabetes: "Got the news today/ The doctor said I had to stay/ A little bit longer and I'll be fine," the lyrics read.

The brothers also recently told that they'd love to reprise their roles in the Disney hit movie, "Camp Rock," which reportedly scored nearly 9 million viewers when it aired in June. (The group's own 3-D concert film is slated for release in February.) Joe, who had a lead role in the film, said, "We've been looking into scheduling when we can do that because we've been busy with touring, but we would love to. The success from the first one — we did not expect that at all, and the possibility of a second movie would be great."

Co-star Meaghan Jette Martin added fuel to the discussion, saying, "A lot of the Disney people [have talked about a sequel], and I've heard rumors about scripts and stuff. I would really like a love interest!"

And, like many teenage girls across America, she would jump at the opportunity to have that love interest be a Jonas Brother. "Hey, I wouldn't complain!" she said.

And it seems that she and Joe are already considering possibilities for the movie's plot.

"Maybe [there could be], like, a rival camp," Joe said.

"One of [the brothers] wanted winter camp," Martin added.

"And one of them wanted Camp Hawaii!" Joe said.

Time will tell which plot points make the final cut!

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