Soulja Boy Tell'em Says He'll Be Casting His First Vote For Obama, Talks Bow Wow Mixtape

'Can my vote count for two or something, since I'm a celebrity?' MC jokes.

Turning 18 brings with it certain responsibilities, and recent birthday boy Soulja Boy Tell'em is taking at least one of them very seriously: He's picked which candidate he's voting for.

"I'm pretty much going for Obama," he told MTV News last week. "[He's] got my vote."

He's got a serious reason for his decision: the war in Iraq. "I'm starting to sweat it," he said. "The war is crazy right now. My auntie's over there, so we'd love to see them come back real soon."

The kid in him quickly returned to the surface, however: "Can my vote count for two or something, since I'm a celebrity?" he joked.

That side of him also came out when he talked about his forthcoming mixtape with Bow Wow — who has also taken a fair amount of heat for being a teenage rapper. The duo are working on the mixtape to show the world that although they're young, they're more than ready to play with the big boys.

"There's, like, people always hating," said Soulja, who took a load of criticism for some statements about his skills around the time of MTV News' "Hottest MCs in the Game" last year.

"He was like, 'I'm the most hated on,' so he wanted to do a mixtape [with me] — kind of like 'the two most hated on' or something like that. And I was like, 'Man, that'd be crazy.' "

Bow Wow told MTV News last month, "Everybody is always picking on us anyway. We might just go 'head and kill the game and sh-- on all these n---as. Do a mixtape album together, put it out and go hard!"

Despite his youth, Soulja Boy is already developing wisdom beyond his years when it comes to his career. "I'd just tell you all that [the game] has changed a whole lot. It's still changing, even [since] I'm in the game. It's something that you gotta adapt to. It's nothing that you gotta attack off the rip or go against."

Soulja Boy is currently at work on his second full-length LP, iSouljaBoy.