Soulja Boy Tell'em Promises 'Straight Takeover' With Next LP

Internet-boosted rapper hints that first single from iSoulja Boy won't debut on radio.

Soulja Boy Tell'em is new, fresh, current and — God bless him — young. So young that back in 2002, when 50 Cent debuted "In Da Club," Soulja wasn't spending the equivalent of a mortgage payment on Cristal (rappers don't mess with it now, but back in the day that Cris was literally poppin') while dancing to Fif's hit at some nightclub. Nor was he in the studio trying to make a hit big enough to compete with the G-Unit general.

No, Mr. Tell'em, who recently turned 18, was figuring out how to finish his homework for elementary school fast enough so he could watch videos on TV uninterrupted. One day he came across 50's video, and the young buck (not Young Buck as in Cashville Buck, but the young buck SBT) was slapped in the face with inspiration's five fingers. Seeing 50 and the Unit live it up made Soulja want to do the same thing.

"It was 50 Cent's 'In Da Club,' " he told MTV News when asked what song inspired him to get into the rap game. "When I seen that, I was like, 'That's what I wanna do.' "

It took a few years and a few million Internet hits, but Soulja Boy is living his dream. He's a platinum artist with an international hit record. And while the world is just getting over its "Crank That" hangover, the Atlanta native is back in the lab with plans to release his follow-up LP and a song on par with "Superman dat ohhhh!"

"I worked with Polow [Da Don] on this album," SB said of his sophomore album. "He did the first single. I remember last year, [when I was] touring, 'Crank That' would be on the radio every five minutes. I was like, 'Man!' This is exactly what this album is gonna do: straight takeover! I did production on this one. I accepted a lot of beats from underground cats on this album. I just shoot my e-mail out on the hip sites. I play off by ear, not off who's doing it. I like music."

Soulja said he wasn't going to reveal the title of the first single yet because of biters, but he did say that the song will not debut on radio. The unveiling of its video will be the first time we hear it. The album is called iSouljaBoy, and it's an ode to today's technology, like iTunes. What did you expect? Soulja Boy Tell'em is new, fresh, current and — God bless him — young.