'Twilight' Tuesday: 10 Things Comic-Con Taught Us About 'Twilight'

Which star used to dress up as Fox Mulder? Who made sure 'Bella's Lullaby' made it into the film?

SAN DIEGO — Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you've likely heard that the stars of the film "Twilight" (due in December) made their first collective public appearance at Comic-Con on Thursday, setting off a feeding frenzy among media who are just now realizing that this movie might sell a few tickets.

But as we welcome other media outlets to the party, we've also got one thing to confess: Even after all the "Twilight" Tuesdays we've been running this year, there are still a few things about Stephenie Meyer's universe that we didn't know.

Now, we've returned from Comic-Con a little bit older, a little bit wiser and a little bit deafer, and we present our list of "10 Things Comic-Con Taught Us About 'Twilight.' "

We Believe In Spunk Ransom

"Whenever I used to go to a fancy dress party, I always used to dress up as Fox Mulder," Robert Pattinson revealed to us after grabbing a look at some of the caped crusaders roaming the halls. "It was such a normal costume, but I'd just wear a suit." The actor added that he can't wait to see the new "X-Files" flick. "Yeah, I'm a big fan," he said. "I'm definitely going to see it."

Tonight, We Dine in Forks!

Asked which costume he'd want to wear if he attended Comic-Con as a fan, Cam Gigandet said that he'd like to bring back the impressive abs he showed off in the movie "Never Back Down." "What are the guys from '300'?" he asked about Zack Snyder's barely clad Spartans. "I'd like to be one of them."

No Needles, Just Pins

One Twilighter made special pins and allowed the cast to choose which ones they received — and the ones they chose to pin on their shirts revealed a lot about them. "We were just doing an autograph signing, and a girl made up a bunch of different ones and she let me pick one," gushed Rachelle Lefevre. "So I appropriately picked the one that says 'I Punched a Werewolf in the Face,' and I love it!" (Director Catherine Hardwicke's read "Friends Don't Let Friends Date Werewolves.")

Laurent Wants To Be A Guitar Hero

"I felt like a rock star," Edi Gathegi said about the chaotic scene inside Comic-Con's enormous Hall H. "[I've never seen anything like it] in my life — it was thrilling. If I could change one thing, I would have stepped out and strummed an air guitar. That'd be cool. But instead, I came out shy and timid."

You're Welcome, Cam

Gigandet revealed to us backstage that he might be a bit more prepared for Hall H than some of his co-stars, because he had appeared in front of a large crowd once before. "It was the MTV Movie Awards," he remembered of his recent appearance. "But I didn't really speak. I just kinda mumbled a few words." Still, he said that answering fans' questions on the spot is tougher than acting: "I'm not good. I wish they were all written for me — my lines just kind of posted up on the wall [of Hall H] would be great."

Robert Pattinson Is A Better Musician Than He Thinks

Onstage, Meyer and director Catherine Hardwicke called their star's musical compositions "amazing" and told us where they'd be in the movie. RPattz himself, however, is charmingly shy about his talents. "It's just a weird little song," he said of one of the compositions, which he hasn't named yet. "It's really random. It comes at a strange point in the movie. ... It's towards the end of the movie, but it's not Edward-related. There was one cut of the movie [I saw the other day] that had the song."

The "Twilight" Actors Are Yummy In More Ways Than One

"Once we got to get in there with each other up against the mirrors and stuff, it was pretty wild," Gigandet said of the ballet-studio fight scene they revealed to the audience. "We had honey and chicken flying everywhere! That was our substitute for human flesh. Honey and chicken [were all over us]. I'm serious!"

Getting To Know You

Although Twilighters have been obsessing over them for months, many of the movie's stars had never met each other until just recently. "I didn't meet [Lefevre] until a couple weeks ago," marveled Taylor Lautner. "And I just met Edi today for the first time."

Want a Preview Of The Film's Fight Moves? Watch "Never Back Down"

"There were a couple moves I did actually have from the movie that they let me incorporate," revealed Cam Gigandet, adding that if you look closely, you might see some mixed-martial-arts moves in his epic battle with Robert Pattinson. "[I worked in] a lot of things that I do well. But it was so much different from the fights in 'Never Back Down,' because [the 'Twilight' vampires] have superhuman strength. So every hit and every throw and everything, really, had to have such a huge effect. [We'd] go flying into the rafters, through windows — having that much wirework made it on a much grander scale than ['Never Back Down']."

Lullaby And Good Night

The "Twilight" stars broke big news about "Bella's Lullaby" and told us backstage about the one person who made sure the musical moment got into the film: Stephenie Meyer. "I asked for the lullaby to be in there," the author revealed, saying she knew the fans would insist upon it. "It was not in the original script." Added Hardwicke: "The day that [Pattinson] played the lullaby scene, we were weepy. ... We're really glad that Stephenie made us put it in."

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