Lil Wayne Plays A Modern-Day Robin Hood In 'Got Money' Video -- Check Out A Clip Here!

T-Pain, Mack Mane, Ray-J show up in clip, which premieres Monday.

Cash Money Millionaire Lil Wayne always has the dough, but in his new video for "Got Money," he's giving back to the community — just not with his own moolah.

Based loosely on Spike Lee's "Inside Man," Weezy is practically a modern-day Robin Hood as he plays one of the masterminds of a bank heist in which he and his team plan to give the loot to the citizens in his New Orleans hometown as compensation for what they lost because of Hurricane Katrina.

Toward the beginning of the clip, Weezy and his model-looking accomplices storm the bank and strong-arm the establishment. While the workers empty the vaults, Wayne makes it rain, letting his hostages get some of the greenbacks. During the performance scenes, Wayne's collaborator T-Pain joins in, wearing a T-shirt that says "He Sings ... ," while Wayne's shirt reads "He Raps ... ." And there are a bunch of other guests, such as Ray J, but we won't spoil the surprise.

We can give away that Wayne's artist Mack Mane (remember when Wayne says, "Mack, I'm going in," at the beginning of "A Milli"?) raps the last verse, making the TV version a remix of sorts. The video debuts Monday on MTV, MTV2, mtvU, MTV Jams, MTV Hits and, with airings all day starting at 6 a.m. ET.

The N.O. Fireman hasn't just been showing up on his own music-video sets. He recently completed clips with David Banner for "Shawty Say" and the Game for "My Life." The latter finds Wayne and his West Coast homey doing some soul-searching in a graveyard, among other places.