'Dark Knight' Star Christian Bale Arrested In Connection With Assault

Actor released from police custody; due to return for questioning in September.

Christian Bale turned himself in to London police early Tuesday (July 22), after allegations of assault were made against him, and was released from custody several hours later.

The "Dark Knight" star, who was in London to promote the film, was allowed to attend the U.K. premiere at a Leicester Square theater Monday night because he made an appointment to turn himself in the following morning. The alleged incident took place on Sunday night at the actor's hotel, the Dorchester on Park Lane, and according to the BBC, involved Bale's mother Jenny and his sister Sharon, who went to the police in Hampshire to make a report.

A London Metropolitan Police spokesperson told MTV News that they would not name anyone arrested or release the details until such time comes that they are taking further action, but he offered the following statement in relation to the Bale arrest: "A 34-year-old man attended a police station in central London by appointment and was arrested in connection with an allegation of assault."

After being held for more than four hours, Bale was released on the condition that he returns to the police station at an unspecified date in September. Police declined to reveal the conditions of his release, termed as "bail" in the U.K. — although no money is exchanged, as it would be in the U.S. "He has been bailed," a London Metropolitan Police spokesperson told MTV News, "pending further investigation into two separate inquiries," referring to the reports from Bale's mother and sister.

At Monday's premiere, Bale told MTV U.K. that the movie was a success because it is a "perfect storm."

"The hype has been good, the reviewers have responded, you've got great portrayals, you've got a great cast, and a great director in Christopher Nolan," Bale said. "And of course you've got Heath Ledger giving a fantastic portrayal of the Joker. He deserves all the credit that people are giving him."

Bale was slated to meet with journalists to promote the film further at his hotel on Tuesday.

[This story was originally published at 10:46 am E.T. on 07.22.2008]