Soldier Stories: Uplifting, Sad And Surprising Reports On American Vets From MTV's Street Team '08

In honor of Independence Day, we're highlighting Street Team reports on the people who have given so much to serve our country.

Independence Day is a celebration of both our personal freedoms and our freedom as a nation. In this spirit, we're proud to present "Soldier Stories" — reports about the nearly 1 million young men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and who continue to protect such liberties. These videos are brought to you from all over the country by Street Team '08, MTV's team of citizen journalists. Here are five of the 26 amazing stories that you can watch any time at

· After losing both his legs and part of his left arm in battle, Iraq war vet Bryan Anderson still couldn't shake off his love for adventure — which is why he became a Hollywood stuntman. Jacqueline Ingles of Illinois talked to him.

· The Wounded Warrior Project is a foundation created to assist and empower those whom have been injured in battle. Trevor Martin of Colorado met some of its leather-clad members as they trekked 40 miles by motorcycle in honor of the wounded, and to raise money for them.

· Erica Anderson of Washington, D.C., befriended several members of Iraq Veterans Against the War and spoke with members of the grassroots group about the risks they've taken in spreading their message.

· Samuel Redfern is an Iraq war veteran who longed to help the 5 million Iraqi children left orphaned, so he created the United States of Hope expressly for their cause. Montana's K'Lynn Sloan spoke to him about how serving in Iraq changed his life and what he's doing about the piece of himself that he left behind.

· Some veterans can't tell their stories. Michael Gonzales of Nevada talked to Travis Virgadamo's father about why his son took his own life during his second deployment to Iraq, and what can be done to stop such suicides.

Be sure to see all of the Soldier Stories on, in addition to the blogs and videos posted every day by Street Team '08.

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