50 Cent Says 'I Don't View Young Buck As My Enemy,' Claims He's Not Going To War With Former G-Unit Member

'He's like a relative that decides to do something to you that you're uncomfortable with,' 50 says.

NEW YORK — On Tuesday night in New York, 50 Cent mocked former G-Unit mocked former G-Unit member Young Buck onstage during the group's concert,

crooning "Shorty wanna cry with me" instead of the lyric from Buck's 2004 single "Shorty Wanna Ride."

Also on Tuesday, Buck himself dropped another dis record directed at the Unit called "Terminate on Sight" (also the name of the new G-Unit album).

"Ah sh--, they done kicked me out the crew, I'm cool now," he raps. "Nose running, but I ain't snorted nothing/ Took a sniff of myself and I smell like money." Buck also antagonizes G-Unit's Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, saying, "50's money ain't yours."

Oddly enough, 50 Cent still seems to have a soft spot in his heart for Buck. The Queens MC said he's not going to war with his onetime group member.

"Buck is a disappointment for me," 50 told MTV News on Monday. "I treated him like a younger brother. ... He's not a enemy now. He's like a relative that decides to do something to you that you're uncomfortable with, so you don't bring him around you. I don't view Buck as my enemy. If he feels that way about me, those are his personal feelings. I wouldn't be surprised if he felt that [I was his enemy]. He's like my younger brother — even if he sees me in this interview saying it to him — he won't understand. He'll just go on how it feels."

Everyone knows that 50 recently released a recording of a phone conversation with Buck where the Cashville MC broke down about financial difficulties and begged to rejoin G-Unit.

"I couldn't tell you the things he told me in that conversation," 50 said, justifying why he taped the talk. "You'd think I'm just being angry. [But] I play you the tape and you get it for yourself so much more vividly."

Fif did get some flack from the blogosphere for recording the conversation — some were harsh enough to call it a "b---h a-- move."

"I didn't know we could say 'b---h a--' on MTV," Fif replied. "For them to say that, they don't understand the dynamics of what's going on. Ask me, do I care about a blogger? A person who has time to say that was a b---h a-- move is a b---h a-- n---a. I thought that was an official move. Right now I don't wanna be disrespectful to Young Buck. But how do you respond to the disrespect he's displaying?"

50 said that Buck is still signed to G-Unit Records for three more albums, and he won't let the insults interfere with doing business.

"He'll still get his fair shot at releasing his album," 50 insisted.

"Listen, he just did a show and only 20 people showed up," he added, referring to a reportedly sparsely attended concert in Washington, D.C. "If that's not an indication that what you're doing is a mistake, I don't know what is."

MTV News will have much more from our sitdown with G-Unit in the coming days.