Ice Cube Says He's Done Censoring Himself At 'Do Ya Thang' Video Shoot

Raw Footage, an album of 'hip-hop for the brain,' drops in August.

It was another good day for Ice Cube in Los Angeles recently. He shot the video for his next single, "Do Ya Thang," without a hitch.

You could hear "Do ya thang, man/ F--- what they lookin' at" busting out of the playback speakers as Cube stood in front of a myriad of supporters throwing up a "W" made with their fingers. Everyone was dressed in black.

"I released the Internet single called 'Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It.' The video was so hard-core, it just stayed on the Internet," Cube said, sitting in a cherry-red convertible as the sun beat down. "This one is gonna be released worldwide. It's one of those summer songs about doing your thing, not worrying about who's looking at it. It's about being yourself and doing you.

"I wanted to finally do a video and not worry about censoring myself or not taking things out that some censors don't like," he continued.

Cube's Raw Footage drops on August 19, and don't think that just because this new single and video are less stringent that he's decided to lighten up the overall tone of the album. He's promised weighty lyrics and concepts.

"I'm raw footage," he said. "I believe in speaking the real. I been waiting to do this album for a long time. I felt hip-hop wasn't ready for it, that street knowledge I used to do. What's going on with the politics of today — letting the politicians know what's going on with the streets — that's my specialty. This album is full of that. Hip-hop for the brain."

Guests on the album include the Game, Musiq and one of Ice's best friends.

"Dub C, he's my partner in crime," he detailed. "My right and left hand. We got the Game on there. We been talking to a few people out there. I have a song with Musiq Soulchild, which is something different. It was cool to have him do my hook."

On Tuesday (July 1), it was announced that Cube's next film, "Janky Promoters," will co-star Young Jeezy as a rapper. The plot centers on Cube's and Mike Epps' shady show-promoter characters. Cube wrote the screenplay.