Danity Kane Embrace Femme Fatale Alter Egos In Fast-Paced 'Bad Girl' Clip

'We are conquering every area of entertainment,' says D. Woods of members' upcoming clothing line, comic books and Broadway debut.

Danity Kane videos usually follow the same formula: Have the girls walk around the streets of some unknown city, rain or shine, in 5-inch heels and figure-hugging outfits. Sometimes there are glimpses of them in the studio with Diddy behind the boards, or in the backs of cars, taunting horny males as they zip along the boulevard.

But in the forthcoming video for "Bad Girl," the second single from the band's latest LP, Welcome to the Dollhouse (which has scanned more than 500,000 copies to date), we'll get to see Diddy's girl group as we've never seen them before: being very, very bad girls ... or, as the director's treatment reveals, embodying their "kick-ass alter egos."

"It's on fire," Aubrey O'Day told MTV News on the Los Angeles set of the "Bad Girl" video, which is being directed by Erik White (Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown). "Five-inch heels, massive choreography — Gil Duldulao is our choreographer, and he's [worked with] Janet Jackson. He's fab."

In the fast-paced clip, Danity Kane pay homage — in a sense — to the bold, sexy look of the graphic novel. Like the song, the video, which will begin airing later this month, features a cameo by Missy Elliott.

O'Day's scene takes place in a dimly lit police interrogation room. She's sitting across from a rugged detective, requisite lamp shining in her face. Soon, her alter ego emerges. Wearing a skintight leather catsuit, O'Day grabs the detective by his shirt and throws him on the table. Then she straddles him and cuffs his hands to the table, allowing for her escape.

"We tortured boys all day," O'Day said in between character shoots. "I slapped him around a little bit, threw him on a table, handcuffed him ... the usual. I just tortured him."

D. Woods' alter ego in the video, it turns out, is a peep-show performer. We'll see her dressed in leather and striking poses in a closet-size room. The front wall of the room slides up, revealing a nice-looking gent with dollar bills in hand. "I was in a peep-show box, and I took all his money," Woods laughs. "I tortured him for a day."

Shannon Bex will portray a speed-hungry motorcycle babe in the video, while Dawn Richard plays a patient strapped to a gurney, with IV tubes jutting from both arms. She ultimately frees herself and uses the gurney to attack those who'd been preparing to experiment on her. Aundrea Fimbres plays a young woman who's chained up in a dank room and eventually outwits and outmuscles her captor.

The finished product will likely be a stylized mix between "The Matrix" and "Speed Racer," ending with all of the DK girls kicking butt in a massive fight scene that closes the clip.

But fighting crime and escaping sticky situations aren't the only things keeping the Danity Kane gaggle busy these days. They've been touring for months and recently finished shooting the third season of "Making the Band 4," which is slated to premiere in August.

"And we've been doing a lot of running around the country, picking up fans and doing shows," O'Day said. "We work on our music constantly. We're on the tour bus, creating, coming up with beats, coming up with lyrics, doing anything we can to stay creative while we're on the road. And we've been working on some big ventures, some very entrepreneurial things."

The ladies are coming out with a line of denim from Dollhouse, O'Day said, and Richard has her own comic book on the way.

"We are conquering every area of entertainment," Woods said. Meanwhile, O'Day's going to hit the Great White Way soon, too.

"I'm doing Broadway ... 'Hairspray,' and all the girls are going to be in the front row opening night," she explained, before Woods interjected, "Aubrey has always done musical theater and theater. So have I, and I think this is a perfect opportunity, a perfect platform for her to showcase this other side of her talents. And we're going to be there to sing all the words and be her fans."