Lil Wayne's 'A Milli' Gets A New Twist, Thanks To Jay-Z, Chris Brown, LL Cool J, Lil Mama ... And Many, Many More

'Rappers just started jumping on it left and right, and it became a monster,' DJ Green Lantern says.

It feels like a million MCs have decided to jump on the Bangladesh-produced Lil Wayne track "A Milli." The track, which Wayne previewed exclusively for MTV News back in March, has gotten almost as many spins for the N.O. native as his #1 single "Lollipop" has.

The record's signature is a sample of a man's voice saying the song's title over glass-shattering bass and heavy drums. The instrumental seemed tailor-made for Wayne's Down South spazzin', leaping from topic to topic effortlessly. "He's a beast, he's a dog ... he's a muthaf---in' problem/ OK, you're a goon, but what's a goon to a goblin?"

Since the record took off as a street anthem, we've heard a remix with Wayne and Corey Gunz (Gunz, along with Lil Mama, Tyga and Hurricane Chris, were all originally supposed to have their versions of the song on Tha Carter III as separate interludes). Jay-Z (Hov's version is called "A Billi"), Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, Fabolous, the Game and even Chris Brown have jacked the track for their freestyles — and that's just a short list of names.

"I just liked the beat," said LL Cool J, who rhymes over the beat on a record he calls "Zodiac Driller." That track appears on Cool J's first ever mixtape, the recently released Return of the G.O.A.T.

"I did the freestyle because the beat was hot in the streets," Fabolous said of his version. "I wasn't struck by anyone else's freestyle. I think Wayne rode the beat on the original, and the concept and format was good."

Lil Wayne, who just a couple of days ago dropped his own new freestyle over the beat, said he's heard everyone's work and doesn't mind at all. After all, Wayne has flipped plenty of people's beats in his day. Of all the freestyles, he had a blanket statement for the MCs: "Good go! Good go, that's it."

And while a lot of the rappers have had admirable performances over the record, plenty of people are saying it's time to move on.

"That beat is just crazy," DJ Green Lantern said Friday (June 20). "It's simple, but it's got a lot of personality to it. Rappers just started jumping on it left and right, and it became a monster. ... I hope Wayne's 'A Milli' remix where he raps about selling a million in one week closes it out. ... Hint, stop rapping on it now. Move on to another song from CIII."

Green Lantern didn't get his wish. Ne-Yo dropped a freestyle over the beat this past weekend. The singer actually raps on the instrumental, talking about the financial success he's had as an artist and songwriter.

[This story was originally published at 7:25 pm E.T. on 6.20.2008]