Nas' New Tape Gets 'The Streets Ready' For Upcoming Album; Lil Wayne Had His People Call Jay-Z: Mixtape Monday

Plus: The-Dream thanks L.A. Reid for underestimating him; Gorilla Zoe says he's hungry for more success.

Artists: Nas and DJ Green Lantern

Representing: Queens

Mixtape: The N----- Tape

411: "This sh-- is gonna have the streets right [and] have the streets ready for the album." 'Nuff said about Nas' new mixtape, The N----- Tape. Nas and DJ Green Lantern recently forged one of the best street CDs this year. Nas had to go through his vault and give up some rare and unused vocals to the Evil Genius, who created soundscapes around the words for soil-burning songs.

"I was like, 'Let me get some exclusives. I wanna make a movie,' " Green said of the project.

"We went to the studio, and this man's work speaks for itself," Nas said. "He gave me some of the joints. Some of the joints sounded like they were right for the album. I had to snatch them for the album. We really getting it done. It's coming out right."

Sure enough, some of Green's material will find its way onto Nas' untitled official LP on July 15.

"One and a half," Lantern said about how many records will appear on the opus. " 'Black President' is on there. There's another one called 'Like Me.' It was supposed to be for the mixtape. He gave me a cappellas that wasn't out yet. I made a song around it. New beat, had somebody come and make a hook. It's like some pimp sh--. Nas loved it. He put another verse on it and said, 'I need it for my album. Don't put it on the mixtape.' When they did the final cut of the album, ['Like Me'] got cut, but it's on the international release and the iTunes and exclusive."

Joints To Check For

» "Cops Keep Firing." "I took the a cappella and made a verse, then Nas added an extra verse, because he was so inspired," Green Lantern explained.

"I had the rhymes for this last year," Nas added. "But I didn't want to do this kind of record until this man made me see this is the type of record I need to do."

» "Gangsta Rap" remix. "[Nas] said a couple of things in the verse I thought was good to start the tape off with," Green Lantern said. "I made a beat to kinda let his raps breathe so he could be rhyming. I wanted to let the rhymes say what it needed to. The beat wasn't too busy, but the beat was still hard. I wanted it to be a nice opener. Normally, somebody would start the tape with something people never heard before. I said, 'I'm just gonna do it.' That was really for the Nas fans, the rap zombies that are on top of everything."

» "Legendary." "Salaam Remi ... is scoring the [Mike] Tyson documentary," Green said. "Him and Nas have a great relationship, obviously, so maybe that will be on there. From hearing the song, I want to see that documentary. That 's one of the more fiery joints on there."

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

» Bad Boys - We Run This: The Mixtape

» Big Mike and DJ Thoro - Grand Theft Audio 3

» DJ A-Smooth - The Youngest in Charge

» DJ Rell and Gucci Mane - Wilt Chamberlain: The Mixtape

» G-Unit - Sincerely Yours

» KD a.k.a. Han D Man - Worldwide 33

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar

» Ace Hood - "You Already Know"

» B.G. (featuring Lil Wayne, Juvenile and Trey Songz) - "Ya Heard Me"

» The Boss Hogg Outlawz (featuring Ray J) - "Keep It Playa"

» Corey Gunz (featuring Ryan Leslie) - "Get Right Tonight"

» David Banner (featuring Nas) - "Middle Finger"

» Nipsey Hussle (featuring the Game) - "Bullets" remix

» Young Buck - "Taped Conversation"

Celebrity Faves

The-Dream has a huge record called "I Luv Your Girl" that nobody is getting tired of. The singer's track about pilfering another guy's chick has everybody singing its contagious, dismissive bridge: "F--- thaaaaatttt n---a." Dream thanks Island/ Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid for the inspiration to make the song.

"L.A. told me that my album sucked," Dream joked. "He told me I need to go make another song. He said, 'The whole album sucks. Why did I bother with you?' All those sorts of things. I was like, 'You playing, man.' Nah, he didn't say that."

Dream also said that when he sings the bridge in his high-pitched voice, on the record, he is definitely not referring to Mr. Reid.

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Lil Wayne has a million copies under his belt and is slated to start his Tha Carter III tour this week. One of the album's standout tracks is Weezy's collaboration with Jay-Z, "Mr. Carter." Wayne told us last week that Hov was just a phone call away. Weezy co-managers G. Roberson and Kyambo "Hip Hop" Joshua used to be execs at Roc-A-Fella records.

"Shout-out to my [other manger] Cortez, my man G. My man Hip Hop," Wayne said. "I asked them. I said, 'That's y'all big homie. I want a record.' And I sent him that one. I thought that was perfect. I already had three verses to it and everything. I sent it, and the rest is history."

An alternate version of "Mr. Carter" has leaked since the release of TCIII featuring some of those unused raps Wayne described.

The Carter III song "Don't Get It" — or, as the streets call it, "Misunderstood" — garnered some talk because of the way Wayne goes after the Reverend Al Sharpton at the end of the record. In no uncertain terms, Birdman Jr. tells the rev he has no respect for him. Sharpton responded through the media, saying he refused to address comments that weren't based on a substantive issue. Weezy has zero concern.

"Obviously, I don't have any thoughts on nobody's response, because I wouldn't have said what I said [if I cared]," Wayne said. "I don't care what nobody thinks or feels about what I said. I think and feel what I said. I believe in it. No one has to side with me. My daughter smiles every time she sees me." ...

Why'd they get him started? Gorilla Zoe told us last week in Atlanta that being able to eat has only made him hungrier. After he released his debut album, Welcome to the Zoe, several months ago, he jumped right back in the studio to record mixtapes and his sophomore LP.

"Really, it means that I've tasted success," Zoe explained of the album's title, Don't Feed the Animals. "It's over now! You know how when you go to the zoo and your parents tell you, 'Don't feed the animals. Don't give them the peanuts, 'cause they gonna want more. Don't feed a dog raw beef — he's gonna wanna taste that blood again.' I've done tasted that money, homie. That's what it means. Get-money time."

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