50 Cent Responds To Young Buck On Hot 97, Explains Why He Tapes Conversations

'If they saying something crazy, it's right there,' Fif says of his need to record his phone calls.

Round ... um, everybody is losing count. On Thursday (June 19), 50 Cent told his side of the latest drama between him and Young Buck on New York's Hot 97 radio station.

Earlier this week, 50 released portions of a call between him and Buck, in which his former crew member broke down in tears over his dismissal from the group and financial difficulties. Buck responded Wednesday afternoon with a dis record called "Taped Conversations." 50 retaliated by putting out the entire phone call on ThisIs50.com.

"A lot of times people don't see what the other person is doing," 50 said, explaining to host Angie Martinez why he taped the talk between him and Buck. "They don't understand the cause and effect. They don't see the other person; they just pay attention to me."

50 said the phone call took place just three months ago, at a time when he "was trying to be as helpful as possible" to Buck. 50 also said that he wasn't coming with any records toward Buck, but did imply that their friendship is beyond repair.

"It's crazy. When I see people showing me so many different things within their character, I don't value them anymore," the Unit's leader said.

When asked if he taped all his phone conversations, 50 said, "With idiots, yeah! So if they saying something crazy, it's right there."

Right before the break, Fif told stories of Buck's impulsive spending and once again alleged that he has a drug problem: "He needs to go to a program and get some real help," 50 said. "Then maybe we can talk to each other."

The MC brought up footage that recently appeared on the Internet in which Buck curses his former comrades during a concert.

"He's in the middle of his show, saying 'F' me and everything else that created him."

On Hot 97 on Friday at 12 p.m. ET, 50 plans to debut his new mixtape Sincerely Yours, featuring him and his team rhyming over old-school R&B beats.