Ludacris Prepares To Go From Theater Of The Mind To Movie Theaters

Rapper has roles in Guy Ritchie's 'RocknRolla,' 'Max Payne' with Mark Wahlberg and 'Game' with Gerard Butler.

With the album title Theater of the Mind, Ludacris seems to be telling us he's a movie star as well as a music star.

The new LP is slated for September, and Luda said it will have concept songs throughout. On Halloween, his next film, Guy Ritchie's "RocknRolla," hits the silver screen. He'll also add two more roles to his résumé: He just finished "Max Payne" with Mark Wahlberg and "Game" with Gerard Butler.

" 'Game,' to all the video game freaks, it's crazy," Ludacris said recently in Atlanta. "My man Gerard Butler from '300' is the star of this movie. It's basically about a bunch of inmates who place themselves in this game and get played like a video game. An actual human being plays another actual human being as a video game to shave time off of their sentences. It's a ridiculous futuristic action movie.

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"It's almost like when you play a fighting game and you're controlling the person — the hits, the run," he added. "It's almost like when you play 'Grand Theft Auto.' You control the human being because there's a chip in their brain that's controlled by a joystick. I'm not fighting in that movie. I'm one of those renaissance guys that doesn't want to see the human race being controlled by computer chips. If you do that, all existence will be taken control of. It's crazy."

In "Max Payne," 'Cris plays internal-affairs agent Jim Bravura.

"Mark Wahlberg usually plays those dominant roles, and I'm investigating him," he said. "I'm taking control of the situation. That's gonna be crazy. Most of my scenes are with Mark. He's a real cool dude, real rich dude. Let me borrow some money, Mark."

Unlike some of his peers, Luda said that despite his success in Hollywood, he's still hungry as an MC.

"Music is still my number-one love," he said. "I just balance a lot of different things now."

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