Weezer Reveal Hootenanny Tour Plans To 'Chocolate Rain' Sensation (And 'Pork And Beans' Star) Tay Zonday

'We're gonna invite a bunch of Weezer fans down to bring their instruments and jam with us,' says frontman Rivers Cuomo.

If you have access to the Internet (and if you didn't, how would you be reading this?), then you've probably seen Weezer's new "Pork and Beans" video, or you are at least marginally aware of its existence.

That's because it stars a veritable who's who of Internet sensations — everyone from the Numa Numa kid to the Dramatic Chipmunk to Chris Crocker, plus a whole lot of other YouTube all-stars you've probably wasted time watching at work — doing what they do best: being themselves. Not surprisingly, since it first premiered on the video site a week ago, it's become a huge hit, racking up more than 5 million views and a slew of tribute clips.

Of course, Tay Zonday — the froggy-voiced, bizarrely shiny mastermind behind "Chocolate Rain" — was there too. But rather than just appear in the the "P&B" clip (check out an exclusive interview with the video's director), he decided to go above and beyond the call of duty, actually interviewing Weezer on the set (it's true — check the byline above), and he was good enough to send the tape to us here at MTV News.

What follows is the transcript of a portion of the interview (the parts that weren't obscured by Zonday's ultra-bassy bellow), in which Weezer talk about the meme-tastic "Beans" clip, their goals for their new album (the so-called Red Album that hit stores Tuesday) and their plans to hit the road this month for a good old-fashioned "Hootenanny."

Tay Zonday: What is your favorite moment of the "Pork and Beans" video?

Scott Shriner, bass: Probably today, when we were in the middle of the room, and there were all the YouTube people doing their thing at the same time. It was unbelievable. I couldn't really look at anything because it was really super-distracting and extraordinary.

Brian Bell, guitar: And the part with the Diet Coke explosions. Evidently when you put Mentos in Diet Coke, it explodes, and so basically it was fireworks of Diet Coke everywhere.

Zonday: What was your approach to making this new album?

Rivers Cuomo, guitars/ vocals: Our approach was to get into the studio and try to blow our minds with whatever we wanted to do. To just have fun, so that when we pressed play and listened back to what we did, our minds were just blown. That was the goal.

Zonday: And what song are you most proud of on the album?

Bell: There's a song called "Dreamin' " that's pretty fantastic. And it's actually based on the sonata form. I have a section called "The Dream Sequence," which I sing.

Cuomo: Yeah. It's got chunky guitars and beautiful sing-along melodies. And there's some amazing timpani-like drumrolls that Pat [Wilson] plays.

Zonday: And when can Weezer fans expect you out on the road in support of the album?

Shriner: We're going to be doing some promo soon, some ...

Cuomo: Promo? We're going to go on a tour. It's called the Hootenanny Tour, and it's coming to your town in June. We're gonna bring ourselves and invite a bunch of Weezer fans down to bring their instruments and, uh, jam with us. I don't know, 100, 200 people, whatever. Everyone come down and bring an instrument — whatever you can play — and we'll jam out on our songs. [Editor's note: A spokesperson for Weezer's label, DGC, confirmed this to MTV News.] Then, in September, we're touring Japan, and in October we'll be touring the U.S., probably in the big rock arenas.