'Twilight' Tuesday: Watch Uncut Movie Awards Interviews With Kristen And Robert!

These uncut Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson interviews from the MTV Movie Awards gold carpet haven't been seen before.

HOLLYWOOD — Hi everybody, and welcome to another Twilight Tuesday ... zzz ... Oh, I'm so sorry ... zzz.

In case you haven't heard (yawn!), we had a little party called the MTV Movie Awards this past weekend. We're so glad that Twilighters around the world were a huge part of the festivities, from our guest blogger Laura to your enthusiasm for the preshow to Robert, Kristen and Cam's coming-out party on the gold carpet. We've been working overtime to make it all happen, so excuse us all if we might ... zzz ... doze off as we try to bring you this week's Twilight Tuesday, but you know we'd never let you down.

First, the big news: you.

After we debuted the first-ever clip from the movie "Twilight" during our preshow, we posted it online for you to watch as many times as you like. Well, all the Stephenie Meyer loyalists came through as always and, combined with all the people looking for other stories on the Movie Awards, flooded our blog with so much traffic that it crashed! All said, views soared nearly 400 percent once we took the "Twilight" clip live.

So please spin around in your swivel chair and pretend that our virtual hands are reaching through your monitor to pat you on the back. Thanks, Twilighters!

Now, before I curl up in the corner of my office for a power nap, I wanted to leave you guys with a reward for all your continued enthusiasm: the uncut, uncensored, gold-carpet interviews that you didn't see on Sunday.

"Happy Twilight Tuesday!" Robert Pattinson wished the fans when I spoke to the two stars on Sunday.

"I'm glad that every one of your Tuesdays can be so special!" Kristen Stewart added.

These are interviews conducted by yours truly, just moments after the stars appeared live in your living rooms. While catching up with Bella and Edward, we hit such topics as the rapidly growing fanbase, Robert's special screening next week of Catherine Hardwicke's first cut, "Bella's Lullaby" and the Spunk Ransom phenomenon, which was born here.

When you're finished watching the clips, be sure to head over to the Movies Blog, where my interview with Cam Gigandet has also just gone live.

Typically, we edit such interviews before putting them up on our Web sites, because some fans prefer their movie news in tiny, yummy tidbits. But if there's one thing Twilighters have proven, it's that they want all they can get their hands on and in the purest form possible. And that's why it's here for your enjoyment this week.

Well, that and the fact that we're too tired to spend any more time in the edit bays ... zzz ... Happy Twilight Tuesday, everybody!

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