Usher Wanted Lil Wayne And Beyonce’s ‘Love In This Club’ Remix To Be ‘Crazier Than The Original’

'I wanted it to be something that would be a surprise, be a shock,' R&B star says.

Usher has been making some boss moves for his latest LP, Here I Stand. Who else can commandeer appearances from both Jay-Z and Beyoncé, not to mention Will.I.Am, Young Jeezy and Lil “This is th-the remix baaaa-baaaay” Wayne ?

“The remix to ’Love in This Club’ features the Queen and … one of the illest,” Usher began to tell MTV Base of the version featuring Wayne and Beyoncé, whom he’s dubbed the Queen of R&B.

Trumpeting Weezy F. Baby, he said, “Wayne, pound
for pound, is one of the illest in the game, and I wanted it to be something that would be a surprise, be a shock. Have shock value. That’s what the remix is all about. ’Damn, did you hear the remix? It’s crazier than the original. I like it more.’ I just think it’s great. Plies actually did a verse on it as well. He came with it. Everybody basically did their thing, and I am very happy that I was able to put that one in.”

Although it’s still unclear whether or not Ush will be dropping a video for his mega-reworking, he just let loose a video for another single, “Moving Mountains.” The clip starts exactly where the video for the original “Love in This Club” ends, with Ush walking out of a steamy nightspot only to see everything around him — including the venue he just exited — in shambles. In “Moving Mountains,” he has to climb to the highest peak to find his love.

Here I Stand comes out on Tuesday (May 27). The singer also confirmed to MTV Base what Polow Da Don told MTV News several weeks ago: that Polow was responsible for putting Young Jeezy on “Love in This Club,” a move Usher obviously didn’t mind.

“Jeezy is one of the greatest rappers of our generation,” the singer noted.