Are Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Getting Married This Weekend? 'Blah, I Got Nothing,' Wentz Tells MTV News

'I wish we could write a fun story about music or a robot that's really a human or something,' Wentz says.

Are Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson set to be married this Saturday at a "top secret" location? Well, according to Us Weekly, the answer is "Yes."

In a story that published late Monday on its Web site, the magazine quoted "a source close to the couple," who said that the pair will marry on Saturday, and that while "proper invites have not been sent out," guests have already received a save-the-date notice.

There is also apparently a rehearsal dinner — described as "an intimate affair" for "family and close friends only" by the inside source — scheduled for Friday, and that on Saturday "all guests will be transported by shuttles to the wedding location" in an attempt to give paparazzi the slip.

Looking for confirmation, MTV News reached out to Wentz himself, who — perhaps not surprisingly — didn't seem to be in the mood to talk about his impending nuptials. Instead, he wanted to talk about robots.

"Blah, I got nothing," he wrote in an e-mail. "I wish we could write a fun story about music or a robot that's really a human or something. Seems like the facts would be about the same."

Awesome! A spokesperson for the couple also refused to confirm the report, telling MTV News "this is a private matter, so there is nothing to comment on."

The couple announced their engagement last month, and Wentz later denied to MTV News the reports that Simpson is pregnant.

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