DMX Arrested In Arizona For Speeding, Caught On Camera Driving 114 MPH

Rapper's charges include driving on a suspended license, reckless driving, endangerment.

Rapper DMX was arrested Tuesday by officers from the Arizona Department of Public Safety on charges of racing on a highway, driving on a suspended license, reckless driving, two counts of endangerment and three counts of criminal speed, all stemming from an incident that took place January 21.

According to the DPS, DMX (real name: Earl Simmons) was photographed by stationary traffic cameras positioned along the Loop 101 freeway in Scottsdale, Arizona. The cameras caught DMX driving a bright yellow 1966 Chevy Nova II — with a large "DMX" decal emblazoned across the windshield — well over the posted 65 mph speed limit, not once but three times.

At 8:24 p.m., Simmons was photographed driving 100 mph, and then, one minute later, another camera caught him driving 114 mph. Less than three minutes later, DMX was caught on camera again, this time driving 101 mph.

The DPS launched an investigation into Simmons' driving habits not long after and found enough evidence to arrest the rapper at his home in Phoenix. The DPS said DMX cooperated with the arresting officers and was booked into the Scottsdale City Jail. He later posted bond and was released.

"This is an important arrest," said Roger Vanderpool, the director of the state's DPS. "Criminal speeding endangers the lives of everyone on the road. [Simmons] wasn't singled out because of his notoriety. We have made several arrests in the last few months of those people who flagrantly violate the speed limit and therefore endanger the lives of everyone else on the road."

Tuesday's arrest is the latest legal trouble the rapper has faced in the Copper State. In late August, deputies with the Maricopa County sheriff's office raided the rapper's Cave Creek, Arizona, home and seized 12 pit bulls from the residence. Officials said the animals were malnourished and kept in inhumane conditions. At the time of the raid, police also discovered a large cache of weapons in his home, and in the backyard, police dug up the charred remains of at least one dog. DMX has not been charged with any crime in connection to that incident.