Diddy Says He'll Pop Onstage With Danity Kane, Day26 During A Few 'Making The Band' Tour Stops

'I'mma just hit you with 15 real quick verses to really get the place rocking,' says mogul, who just got a star on the Walk of Fame.

There aren't any marshmallows or ghost stories, but Diddy says going on tour is like heading to summer camp.

"Imagine sleepaway camp for adults with a lot of money and a lot of success," he clarified. "Anything can happen."

Diddy is getting ready to send his two biggest acts, Danity Kane and Day26, on the road in a couple of weeks. Not only will we see the groups performing, but we'll also get to check out all the backstage and out-of-venue chaos: The jaunt will be filmed for the next season of "Making the Band."

"They're gonna hone their craft. This is just phase one of the tour," Diddy detailed. "We're going to a lot of the cities that support us."

Bad Boy artists Cheri Dennis and Donnie Klang will be opening up.

"In some cities and states, I'm gonna make a guest appearance," the mogul promised. "Do a light 15 hits. I'm not gonna bore you with, like, 40. I'mma just hit you with 15 real quick verses to really get the place rocking."

Last week, Combs was in L.A. getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Puff — who moved to L.A. in an effort to dive deeper into his film career — said he would have taken any spot the Walk of Fame committee offered, but he wound up with prime real estate in front of the historic Grauman's Chinese Theater.

"You mean where Clark Gable and Frank Sinatra and Denzel are at?" he said with a smile, reliving the moment his agent told him he was up for the accolade. "I was stuck for a second, then I felt a sense of appreciation. That's a great honor, especially coming from Harlem. We would just see pictures of it. When we landed in L.A., that's where we would go to. Like people when they land in New York come to Times Square. To know that my family and my kids and my kids' kids are going to be able to see my name down there, because I put it down during my time, is a blessing.

"It blinded me in a great way," he continued. "Sometimes things come to you as blessings you don't expect. When you're not going after them, sometimes those are the best awards."

Jamie Foxx was among the well-wishers supporting Diddy at his ceremony. "Making the Band 4": The Tour kicks off May 18 at the House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

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