50 Cent Chain-Snatcher Arrested In Angola After Parents Turn Him In

Bruno Carvalho expected to face criminal charges, though 50 reportedly retrieved the chain immediately after incident.

The parents of the man who is accused of snatching a necklace from 50 Cent during a G-Unit show in Angola on Wednesday turned their son in to the police on Sunday to face charges in the incident. According to the Angola Press, Bruno Carvalho, whose age was not given, was handed over to police after the widespread footage of the chain grab leaked out over the weekend.

Carvalho, who is accused of grabbing the chain during a concert at the Cidadela Pavilion in Luanda, is expected to face criminal charges. In a statement to the Angolan News Agency, Carlos Mota, head of the National Police Analysis, Information and Studies Office, thanked the thief's parents for handing him over to the authorities. The incident occurred during a show that was part of the first day of the International Peace Festival.

In the widely circulated fan video that captured the incident, a man can be seen climbing onstage and ripping what appears to be a necklace from 50's neck, then jumping back into the crowd. On Monday, 50 addressed the matter on his personal Web site, ThisIs50.com, writing, "Recently 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo were performing in Angola, Africa. Being that security was limited, fans were able to interact with the group onstage. However one fan had a different motive, and bit off more than he can chew, as he attempted to run up on 50 and snatch his chain."

According to the post, "50 pushed him off the stage and jumped into the crowd and then all hell broke loose." The site promised more on the incident soon, including live footage from the chain grab.

An unnamed G-Unit insider reportedly told TMZ.com that what isn't seen in the fan video was that 50 jumped off the stage "and punched the man who tried to jack him." The insider also reportedly said, "The chain is around 50's neck right now." A spokeswoman for 50 Cent at Interscope Records told The New York Times that the interloper had been prevented from leaving, and that 50's chain had been recovered.