'Twilight' Trailer Shot By Shot: Edward's Superhuman Strength, Bella's Truck And The Big Kiss Come To Life!

Superfans get their first sneak peek of the vampire love story's big-screen debut.

Just as Edward and Bella came to Stephenie Meyer in a dream, "Twilight" fans have spent recent months fantasizing about what the first official images from this December feature film would contain. Congratulations, Twilighters: You've made it this far without shrieking so loud that your head explodes — although, it probably isn't for lack of trying.

Now, with the first trailer upon us, MTV News brings you our official shot-by-shot analysis. Normally, we'd tell you to pause-play-pause along at home and tell us if you see things the same as we do, but something tells us your mouse is already screaming for mercy.

Shot 1: A crane shot swoops in on Edward and Bella, alone in the woods of Forks. "How old are you?" she asks breathlessly, to which he replies, "17."

Shot 2: As Edward looks over her shoulder, Bella's eyes say it all (damn, that Kristen Stewart can act!). "How long have you been 17?" she queries, afraid of the answer.

Shot 3: Edward, squatting down, feels the dangers of the forest. If such brevity could ever foreshadow the ominous events to come, Robert Pattinson is doing it nicely here. And is that a cheetah scream on the soundtrack?

Shot 4: In the most vivid display of deer destruction since "Bambi," Edward takes to the hunt. Quick shots of some poor animal who has no idea what's about to hit it are intercut with footage of a fast-moving Edward. For this vegetarian vampire, there is no other choice.

Shot 5: Take another look at Edward Cullen, and you might notice that he's eyeballing Bella the way we'd expect him to have hungered over that now-dead deer. Even in this brief trailer, we can see how director Catherine Hardwicke will portray Edward's undead dilemma. Oh, and what do you think of Pattinson's non-accented voice while saying "a while"?

Shot 6: The return of the tagline: "When you can live forever ..."

Shot 7: Edward soaring through the forest. It looks to me like he's running through trees, not on top of them. But do Twilighters even still care about this issue anymore, or has footage like this forgiven it?

Shot 8: Hey, it's somebody other than our star-crossed lovers! "This is wrong, Edward," warns Kellan Lutz, a.k.a. Emmett. "She's not one of us!"

Shot 9: A harried Edward takes in Emmett's advice. Is it just me, or does Robert look a lot like James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause"?

Shot 10: A quick shot of Edward giving in to his desire ... for a little lip action. I'm sorry, but every time I see this image, I'm reminded of the Movies Blog regular who keeps asking about how much tongue there will be.

Shot 11: The end of the tagline: "... what do you live for?"

Shot 12: Yes! This is what you've been waiting for, folks. Standing in the Forks High parking lot after getting dissed (yet again) by Edward, Bella leans against her truck.

Shot 13: Edward gives her the stink-eye from across the lot. Notice how far away he's standing.

Shot 14: As an out-of-control van veers into frame, a key moment from the "Twilight" novel comes to life.

Shot 15: Edward flies into the shot with superhuman speed, stopping the van from crushing Bella. His strength leaves a dent in the side of the vehicle.

Shot 16: As the soundtrack swells, both characters look up at each other, realizing all that has just been revealed. Well, does the scene look like you imagined it?

Shot 17: "From the worldwide bestseller ..." Don't you wish Stephenie would just appear here and take a bow or something? At least a little curtsy? OK, maybe not.

Shot 18: Edward and Bella in some sort of residence (the Cullen house?), as she attempts to assert some strength. "I'm not scared of you," Bella insists.

Shot 19: "You really shouldn't have said that," Edward replies, flashing a mischievous grin.

Shot 20: You'd better hold on tight, spider monkey! Edward whisks Bella through the window and into the tree-climbing adventure that reveals the full breadth of his power. That sound you hear is a few thousand Twilighters screaming, "OMG!" in unison.

Shot 21: The "Twilight" logo, surrounded by ominous clouds, with a bit of thunder on the soundtrack. As the release date of "12.12.08" follows behind it, we realize that we truly are in for one hell of a storm.

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