Soulja Boy Tell'em Goes Back To School, Hopes To Collaborate With Chris Brown

In addition to a new album, the 17-year-old is dropping signature shoes, sunglasses and a clothing line.

It's becoming more apparent that you can't front on Soulja Boy Tell'em. Last week, he got a good laugh sitting courtside at the playoff game between the Washington Wizards and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Soulja saw the man who mocked him, LeBron James, and the Cavs lose by nearly 40 points.

All that "one-hit wonder" talk he's been hearing about himself since "Crank That" exploded hasn't slowed the 17-year-old. He's depositing more checks in the bank thanks to his new album, cartoon, clothing line, shoe line and his own designer stunna shades.

"My new album is called Back to School," he revealed last week in Atlanta. "Basically, it is really me taking it back to the basics. It's time to start studying again. Make it happen, man. ... The time I drop the album, everybody is gonna be going back to school. My fans are 21 and under. That's what I'm focusing on."

Soulja may have rapped about getting F's in school, but since he's become a celeb, the young'un has obviously garnered knowledge in economics. He has a full blitz tied into the album. Besides the record, he's dropping the Soulja Boy sunglasses, his own signature shoes called Yums, as well as a cartoon titled "Bad Little Homies" about him and his friends. Not to be left out is the ever-essential clothing, S.O.D.s. It's named after his record label, Stacks on Deck. On deck are his protégés the Show Stoppas. Topping it all off will be the Soulja Boy and Friends Tour, featuring himself and other young acts.

Soulja said that since he's making all that money now, he'll be willing to open his album up for collaborations this time. He produced 90 percent of his debut and had no big-name features.

"I'm on Interscope [Records]. I could have went to 50 [Cent], Polow [Da Don], Timbaland," he said about his first effort. "I feel as though I had to prove myself. [This time,] I'mma look around [for tracks], whether it's a producer like Polow or a producer nobody ever heard of. For my fanbase, people who tune in to Soulja Boy, I think a good feature would be me and Chris Brown. Soulja Boy featuring Chris Brown — my audience would be like, 'Oh my God!' "

There's no release date yet for Soulja Boy's album. He just wants to remind his fans to put some money aside when they go back-to-school shopping.