Jordin Sparks Exclusive: Singer Tells MTV News Her Voice Is 'Almost All The Way Healed'; She'll Be Back On Tour Soon

'My career COULD HAVE BEEN in jeopardy if I hadn't done anything about it,' singer admits in e-mail.

Members of Jordin Sparks' camp spent most of last week denying reports that the former "American Idol" champ's career was in jeopardy due to a serious vocal-cord injury. This was mainly because Sparks couldn't do it herself — after all, she was on two weeks of doctor-mandated vocal rest.

But late Friday, Sparks found another way to communicate with her fans: She sent an e-mail to MTV News. After all, going near a computer is just about all she can do these days.

"I'm feeling good," she wrote. "I'm supposed to be on full vocal rest, which means no talking, laughing, giggling, and singing. Can I tell you how hard that is!? I want to tell my fans: Thank you for all the prayers and your concern. You guys are what keep me going, honestly. But not to worry! I'll be better in no time!"

In the note, she denied the reports that her vocal-cord injury was career-threatening, but did add that in the days leading up to her canceling a show at the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pennsylvania, she was "struggling" to sing, and she got to a point where she was legitimately frightened about how severe her injury might have been.

"I laughed when I saw [those reports]. They were saying I would never sing again, and I knew I could because, well, it's my throat," she wrote. "My career COULD HAVE BEEN in jeopardy if I hadn't done anything about it. But I knew something was wrong and that I needed to get it checked out.

"I've strained [my vocal cords] before, but people everyday do that. But I got to the point where it actually felt like there was a block on my voice and it wouldn't reach any higher," she continued. "I knew something was seriously wrong when I tried to rehearse and my voice wouldn't work. THAT was scary. I've never dealt with this type of injury before; I could literally feel the difference."

Sparks also admitted for the first time that she was, in fact, suffering from an "acute vocal hemorrhage" (previously, a spokesperson for her label, Jive, declined to comment on just what kind of injury the singer was suffering from). And while her condition might sound serious, she wants all her fans to know that she's making a full recovery and plans on being back on the road with Alicia Keys in no time.

"[The reports about the hemorrhage] were actually true," she wrote. "My left vocal cord was bleeding, and I knew I had to get it checked and take care of it. I got back from the doctor yesterday and it's almost all the way healed. I'm gonna take a couple more days just to be safe. I should be back on tour in a few more days!! I'll be alive and kicking ... and who knows, maybe my voice will be better than it was before!"