Fergie Adds Some New Gems To Dutchess Reissue, Says She'd 'Love' To Work With 'Sex And The City' Ladies

'I would die to do a video with the girls,' Ferg says of her 'Labels or Love,' the theme song for the upcoming 'SATC' flick.

Say what you will about Fergie, at least she's honest.

As Exhibit A, we present the following quote, which she gave to MTV News backstage at "TRL" after we asked her why she was planning on re-releasing her smash debut The Dutchess as a "deluxe edition" on May 27.

"That's what everyone's doing nowadays, I hear," she laughed. "The label came to me and said this would be a good idea, and I thought, 'Well, OK, if this is another way for me to put out these songs that I've been wanting people to hear, then great.' The music business is changing, and this repackage thing is a new way for people to put out songs that they want people to hear, so I'm cool with it."

We're cool with it too, Ferg. We'll have more info about the Dutchess reissue closer to its release, but we'd be remiss if we didn't pass on some information about one of its new tracks right now: "Party People," which, incidentally, is also featured on Nelly's upcoming Brass Knuckles. Turns out, it was Fergie's first.

" 'Party People' with Nelly, I'm thrilled with that one. It was originally going to be on The Dutchess, but we didn't finish it. So Polow Da Don played it for Nelly, and he put his thing on it without me even knowing," Fergie explained. "I had originally recorded a version of it with Trina ... and I thought I was saving that one for my next album, but Polow played it for me with Nelly on it. They called me over the phone: 'Fergie Ferg, what's up? You're gonna die!' And I just went, 'OK, maybe I should save this one for the next album,' 'cause it just really excited me when I heard it. It's that song that just gets me going."

The dynamic duo shot a video for the song earlier this month in Los Angeles. "It's just us wilding out. ... We had a mosh pit going on," Ferg said of the video, which is already beginning to make the rounds. And though Fergie's plans for the next few months include a whole lot of "couch-potato stuff: just relaxing and watching 'I Love New York' marathons," she's already got her mind set on filming another video — one that she's not ashamed to admit would be a complete "dream" for her.

"I've got a new song called 'Labels or Love,' which is going to be the [theme] to the 'Sex and the City' film, and I'm so thrilled that they picked me to do it. ... I grew up with those characters. I used to watch with my mom all the time — we'd tune in every week," she said. "And so I loved those characters, and to be a part of the whole thing was such an honor. I would die to do a video with the girls — I would just want to see what was in their stylist's closet — to see how many trailers they would bring filled with clothes for the video."

And while that "Sex and the City" video may or may not happen, Fergie says her fans should be on the lookout for plenty of new stuff from her and her Black Eyed Peas compadres over the next few months. And we're not just talking about "deluxe edition" reissues, either.

"Taboo is filming 'Street Fighter' right now. Will just got finished filming 'Wolverine.' Apl's working on a solo record, so everyone's working on their solo stuff," Fergie explained. "So we'll all get back in the studio this year. I'll get back in the studio this year. ... We'll keep working. We're workaholics."