Nas Amps Up Controversy Over Forthcoming LP With Racial-Epithet-Spewing New Track

Track uses slurs to turn racism on its head: 'We all black within,' Nas raps.

His "flow is as tight as Tootie's braces" — that's Tootie from the old sitcom "The Facts of Life" — and he's more militant than J.J.'s little brother Michael on "Good Times." Nas has finally released material from his forthcoming album, Nigger. The song, which is as provocative as the Queens MC has promised, is called "Be A Nigger Too"; Nas mentioned the song in an interview with MTV News back in November.

The hook is borrowed from the old Dr. Pepper commercials with the lyrics "I'm a Pepper, he's a Pepper, she's a Pepper, we're a pepper/ Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?" — with Nas' substituting N-word for "Pepper."

Later in the song, he continues: "To all my 'kike' niggers, 'spic' niggers, 'guinea' niggers, 'chink' niggers/ That's right, y'all my niggers, too."

The song's verses are lyrically combative ("Nas is bred for the plan/ To hold a Grand Dragon's head in my hand") while still dropping references to events old and new, like the October slaying of African Reggae artist Lucky Dube.

"Not mad 'cause Eminem said 'nigger,' " Nas raps. " 'Cause he's my nigger, wigger, cracker friend/ We all black within/ We all African/ Some Africans don't like us, no way/ A killing happened in Johannesburg yesterday."

"Be A Nigger Too" — co-produced by Salaam Remi and Big Jack — is the first record to come out from the Nigger recording sessions, but it is a street leak; the official first single is expected soon. News about the album's title unleashed a flurry of controversy last fall.

At press time, the album's often-postponed release date was loosely slated for July 1.

A few days ago, Nas performed at Syracuse University in New York State, where he also unveiled some new rhymes as well, calling himself "the rap Led Zeppelin."