R. Kelly Remix Of Mariah Carey's 'Touch My Body' Includes New-Album Announcement

Kells promises that 12 Play: Fourth Quarter is coming soon.

The R. and MC? Hmm ... that's one we never heard before. R. Kelly has jumped on Mariah Carey's #1 song "Touch My Body."

"Hey, it's the remix killer, and I think she wants me to feel her," Kells sings. The Pied Piper also boasts about shining, drinking and two-stepping in the club. And he promises to kiss any place on Mariah's body she wants: "Girl, if you let me, I'm gonna touch it/ But if I touch it, I'm gonna wanna hit it." Later, he mimics Mariah's bridge: "If some honies up in here that want me to touch her body/ Touch it/ Let me hear you say, 'I-i-i-i do.' "

(Mariah was not only the guest on this week's "American Idol," she's also MTV's Artist of the Week.)

While the R. maintains that his vocals on Mariah's song are unofficial (he calls it a "freestyle" on the track), he does make the first public declaration about his new LP. He tells the people that he'll soon release 12 Play: Fourth Quarter, the follow-up to the Chicago legend's 12 Play and its two sequels, TP-2.com and TP-3: Reloaded. While Kelly's label, Jive Records, hasn't made an announcement about the album, except to say it's coming out soon, it has confirmed that "Hairbraider" is the first single.

In the new single, Kelly sings that he's totally enamored with his stylist because, not only can she give his mane some cool designs, the woman works all night, whether it be in the bed or the salon chair cooking up a do.

A picture of Kelly with golden blond hair was posted on his MySpace page recently, but his rep swears that the R. hasn't gone Sisqó on us. The look was specifically created for the video, which was shot in Chicago a couple of weeks ago.

In addition to his "Touch My Body" takeover, Kelly also made an unofficial remix of Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" recently.