Zimmers Hole Frontman's Spit Made Into Artwork; Plus Guns N' Roses, Slipknot & More News That Rules, In Metal File

The Heathen explains the lengthy title of Zimmers' latest LP, While You Were Shouting at the Devil, We Were in League With Satan.

There's been a great deal of confusion regarding the true identity of the Heathen, who fronts thrashy speed-metallers Zimmers Hole. Some think the Heathen is actually Devin Townsend, one of metal's most sought-after producers and the man who fronts Strapping Young Lad.

Considering that the band is rounded out by Strapping's drummer Gene Hoglan, guitarist Jed Simon and bassist Byron Stroud, and that Townsend produced Zimmers' new LP, While You Were Shouting at the Devil, We Were in League With Satan (in stores now), it's understandable how some fans might make that assumption. And then, on top of all that, Devin and the Heathen have uncannily similar voices, which hasn't helped matters.

But the Heathen — who dons devil horns when the band takes the stage — wants you to know he's not Devin Townsend, although he does credit the crazed Canadian with helping him hone his pipes.

"We're not one and the same person," he said, pointing out that Zimmers Hole was formed well before Strapping came on the scene. "Our voices have similarities, and I've known Devin forever. Where his voice has holes, that's where I'm strong. So I've basically been his studio whore the last three years. He knows my voice really well, and he basically pimps it out. I'm pretty much the mystery background vocalist for Strapping, and I think we've influenced each other a whole lot, vocally."

The Heathen (born Chris Valagao) doesn't mind people mistaking him for his longtime pal, who he claims rules the studio with an iron first. "He's a slave driver," said the Heathen. "He just pushes and pushes and pushes, until he gets the take he wants. That's why the stuff he produces is the way it is. Dude's got skills, man."

And so does the Heathen. When he takes the stage, he goes into full-on demonic possession mode and becomes hell-bent on corrupting the innocent with pure debauchery and malevolence — which is why the possibility of Zimmers Hole playing Ozzfest (yep, we've heard rumors) seems so inviting.

"We'd look forward to playing Ozzfest, just to f--- with people," he said. "Basically, they're going to get it — they have no choice when they come see us. We're going to ram it down their f---ing throats, because live, I take no prisoners. You simply have no choice."

For the most part, Zimmers Hole — who will be touring the States in the fall with Sigh — thrive on humor. Their lyrics poke fun at the metal genre and the album's title, for instance, is something of an inside joke the lads share. "But at the same time, we're celebrating metal," he defended, before launching into the story behind While You Were Shouting at the Devil, We Were in League With Satan.

"It came from a quote. ... I believe David Vincent of Morbid Angel was having a conversation with one of the guys from Forbidden," he recalled. "They were drinking and f---ing around, and they got into this argument over who's more metal. The dude from Forbidden, at one point, turned to Dave and said, 'Dude, when you were shouting at the devil [an obvious reference to Mötley Crüe], I was in league with Satan [a reference to Venom],' and Jed was in the room and picked up on that. So we started saying it as a joke. That little statement applies to a whole bunch of sh--. Basically, 'When you were a poseur, I was the real deal.' "

Even Zimmers Hole's formation is something of a humorous yarn. According to the Heathen, he'd once been in a band called the Kill with late bassist Dean Robert Zimmer, a 6-foot-6 gentleman with a huge green mohawk. "He was missing a few teeth and was a pretty imposing figure," the Heathen said. "That band disbanded, and Dean went on and formed a band call the Process. They were doing some big shows, and at the time, me and Byron were roommates, and Dean calls us up [and] tells Byron, 'We have this show, and the opener canceled. Do you want the opening slot?' He hangs up the phone and turns to me and goes, 'We have five days to start a band.' "

After four days holed up in a practice space with just the right amount of booze, Zimmers wrote several tracks, which would eventually become the core of 1997's Bound by Fire.

"This gentleman, Dean Zimmer, we go out drinking with him to a few parties, and he would proclaim it 'Clothing Optional Hour,' and so you'd have this big guy, taking all his clothes off in the middle of the party," the Heathen remembered. "He'd look around the room for the beautiful people and proceed to spread his ass cheeks wide open and run backwards at them, just to f--- with them. So when we got this first gig, we decided to call the band Zimmers Hole, just to roast the big guy."

The music they'd written was insane, and sounded very Mr. Bungle-esque. "I was listening to a lot of Brutal Truth at the time, and it was like this grindcore-spazz-jazz thing," the Heathen said. "The place went ape-sh-- for it, and the rest is history. Since then, Zimmers has been like a gentlemen's club — it's what we do to hide from the girlfriends and our responsibilities. We think the songs are awesome to play, and they make us laugh. Really, we don't care if anybody else likes it."

The Heathen said that already, Zimmers Hole have started scratching out ideas for their next studio effort. He's even named two songs: "Ride the Spider" and "Breath of a Thousand Co--s." And the Heathen said he'd like to work with Dev again, if only to make him another decorative artifact.

"In the studio, I tend to hack up a lot of lung when I am pushing to get a performance, so Devin provided me with this vase to spit in, and over the passage of the recording, I probably collected about a liter-and-a-half of spit," the Heathen confessed. "Devin refused to throw it out. He still has it in his studio. He actually sealed it, put a lid on it and made some weirdo papier-mâché face thing, and now it's some sort of sacred idol. It's been there six months, so I don't know what form of life has grown inside. There's probably a baby Heathen in the vase."

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