'American Idol' McTwins: Some Familiar Faces Are Coming To A Happy Meal Near You

Eight new toys bear a resemblance to Syesha Mercado, Blake Lewis, Sanjaya Malakar and other recent 'Idol' faves.

How cool would it be to get your own action figure? Any actor who's played a superhero knows that thrill, along with a few musicians, including Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. Now some of our recent "American Idol" favorites are getting their own toys — albeit in a roundabout way.

See, McDonald's sent over their eight "American Idol" toys, hitting a Happy Meal near you as soon as Friday (April 11), and there was something very recognizable about them. The first similarity is that these eight "contestants," which showcase various music personalities and play a tune within their genre, will be duking it out for the title of America's favorite Happy Meal toy at the same time the "Idol" season-seven crown is up for grabs.

But dig a little deeper, and you might be able to make out some familiar faces. Check out our findings (and see side-by-side photo evidence here):

Bucky Covington as Country Clay

Ten-gallon black cowboy hat? Check. Over-the-top collared shirt? Check. "Parent Trap"-style twin-swapping scheme to trick police? Well, we can't speak for Clay, but Bucky has that one covered.

Gina Glocksen as Rockin' Riley

Riley has mastered Gina's rocker-grrrl thing, down to the spiky black hair and oddly geometrical shirt. Heck, Glocksen's face even looks Riley's shade of pink, thanks to the rosy "Idol" lighting.

Brooke White as Hippie Harmony

From the barefoot performing to the '60s-era song choices, these ladies are one in the same. We can hear Harmony rambling on and on to the judges now ...

Blake Lewis as New Wave Nigel

Devo hat aside, Lewis' bleep-bloop beatboxing and robotic dance moves would fit in nicely on whatever planet Nigel is from.

Syesha Mercado as Soulful Selma

Selma looks like the long-lost fourth Dreamgirl, and Lord knows we'll probably hear Syesha sing "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" one of these days, since she can't stay away from diva-licious songs that might be too big for her (see: Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," Fantasia's "I Believe").

Sanjaya Malakar as Disco Dave and Punky Pete

It's not surprising that Sanjaya fits with two of the toys, given how frequently the controversial contestant switched looks and genres during last season. He and Disco Dave share matching white leisure suits, black collared shirts and slicked-back hair, while he and Punky Pete share ... well, need we remind you of the ponyhawk? When you push Pete's neon-green mohawk, a synth-punk jam emerges — now if we could only press one of Sanjaya's wackadoo hairdos to make the music stop.

Snoop Dogg as Lil' Hip Hop

Snoop's performance on Wednesday's "Idol Gives Back" is probably about as close to hip-hop as "American Idol" is gonna get.

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