Paramore Explain Why 'That's What You Get' Video Shoot Was Top Secret

Singer Hayley Williams reveals why MTV was uninvited from the set shortly after the band canceled its European tour.

Now that Paramore have put to rest all talk of them calling it quits (not to mention those rumors about frontwoman Hayley Williams being pregnant), they're ready to talk about more important things.

Like the video for their next single, "That's What You Get," which premiered Monday (March 24) after just shooting it earlier this month with director Marcos Siega (Blink-182's "All The Small Things," Weezer's "Beverly Hills"). Normally, talking to bands about their videos tends to be a bit of a bore — "Oh, [insert name of director] is great," "It's our best video ever," etc. — but in this case, things are different: The "Get" clip was shot a little more than a week after Paramore canceled their European tour to work on "personal issues," and right in the middle of all the breakup talk. Then, after weeks of rolling out the red carpet to MTV News, the band's labels, Atlantic and Fueled by Ramen, suddenly rescinded the offer to have us visit the video set.

Naturally, our interest was piqued. This didn't seem like your run-of-the-mill video shoot. So when we finally corralled Paramore down in Austin, Texas, where they were playing a one-off gig as part of the South by Southwest music festival, we had to ask them: Just what was up with the whole top-secret vibe?

"We didn't really mean to keep the video a secret, it wasn't like some covert operation or anything like that," Williams laughed. "It really just happened so quickly, because Marcos wasn't really doing videos anymore. You know, now he's doing episodes of 'Dexter' and stuff."

Actually, we did not know that. But that wasn't the only reason MTV News wasn't allowed on set. Williams went on to explain that, given the fragile state of the band, they all thought it best if they kept the shoot low-key, surrounding themselves with their friends and family, keeping it simple. And, in the process, the whole thing evolved from just another video shoot into an impromptu band therapy session, which Paramore desperately needed.

"The good thing about this video — especially for the time in our band's life, and our career — [was that] we shot it in our hometown of Nashville," Williams explained. "We had tons of friends there, and it really just felt like a hangout session. And Marcos was so cool about it. He said, 'Bring your friends.' We shot it in some of our friends' houses, and it just felt so real ... and I think it's the first time in a video you're gonna get to see who we really are."

So, refreshed by their experience on the "That's What You Get" set, Paramore find themselves reinvigorated and ready to hit the road again on April 1, when they launch a co-headlining tour with their idols, Jimmy Eat World. And if you don't think they're itching to get back on tour, well, then perhaps you've been underestimating Paramore all along.

"We're ready. Really ready," guitarist Josh Farro said. "It is amazing. I don't know how we got to co-headline with Jimmy Eat World. They are our favorite band. So we're really blown away. We're actually really nervous, but I think it's going to be the time of our lives. And what better way to come back from all this?"