Game Headed Straight To Studio After Leaving Jail To Make 'Inspirational' Track, 'Big Dreams,' With Cool & Dre

'It's like when 'Pac came outta prison and did 'California Love' that same night,' Dre says.

The Game wasted no time getting to the studio after his exit from prison last week.

On Wednesday night, the California rapper recorded the Cool & Dre-produced "Big Dreams," the first single from his upcoming album, L.A.X., due in June. By the weekend, the track was mixed and leaked to the Web.

"Right now, he's like 'Pac," Dre told MTV News the day after the track was recorded. "It's like when 'Pac came outta prison and did 'California Love' that same night.

"Lyrically, he's somewhere else right now," the producer added.

On the pulsating number, Game's forceful flow and sharp tongue attack the beat.

"Irv Gotti know I'mma murderer/ Half of the n---as beefing with me I never heard of them/ If I was the old me I would murder them/ Matter fact, if I was the old me, I would Curtis them," he spits.

Dre said he and Cool managed to work on two other tracks, "Make the World Go 'Round" and "Red Magic," during their session.

"When he was going to jail ... he said he didn't know how long he's gonna be going in for," Dre explained. "But he was like, 'When I come out, I'm ready to go.' So the day he got out, we got the phone call, like, 'Yo, come to L.A. right now.' So me and Cool jumped on the plane."

Game ended up doing only eight days of a scheduled 60-day jail sentence. The rapper was released March 9 from the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in California due to overpopulation. He was jailed because of an incident last year when the rapper threatened another man during a pickup basketball game and was found to have a firearm in a school zone.

His attorney confirmed his release to several media outlets, but his management camp issued a statement claiming the rapper had instead been transferred to another facility. A representative with the prison confirmed Game's release to MTV News.

Once Game did get out, he kept his word on collaborating with Cool & Dre. The Miami producer said the trio share a bond over their biggest hit, "Hate It or Love It." And, according to him, the new record has the chance to be even bigger.

"Me and Cool have a really good relationship with him, being as that we both share our biggest record together," he said. " 'Hate It or Love It' is the biggest record Cool and I ever produced, and that happens to be Game's biggest record, so we've always been close.

"['Big Dreams'] is one of the most amazing records that I can honestly say that me and Cool have been a part of," Dre continued. "It's a phenomenal record. It's very inspirational. It's gonna be big in the streets, but it's gonna be big all across the board. I feel like 'Hate It or Love It' was such an inspirational record that a lot of people didn't see coming. And this has the same feel as far as how it makes you feel, but it's gonna inspire the sh-- outta everybody. It's one of those records — his performance, his delivery, he's lyrically on a level that I can't even compare anyone to. He stepped it up to a notch that's amazing. He definitely has a new passion. And the f---ing record is gonna really, really destroy."

"Big Dreams" was set to hit radio stations Tuesday (March 18).