DMX's Gospel Album Delayed; MC Claims He Doesn't Know Who Barack Obama Is

'His name is Barack?! Is he serious?' MC reportedly says.

It's looking like DMX's gospel LP And You'll Fly With Me Later will be coming a little later than his hip-hop LP Walk With Me Now. According to his reps, X's traditional rap LP will be out in August. There is no date for the non-secular effort as for now, but all indications are that it will come some time after Walk With Me Now. In January, on the heels of signing with new label Bodog Music, he told MTV News he wanted to released both albums on the same day.

Nas, T-Pain and Seal are lined up to lend their vocals to Walk With Me Now, while the Neptunes, Swizz Beatz, Divine Bars, PK and Dame Grease are coming in on production. No info for And You'll Fly With Me Later has been released, but the Dog has been in Arizona recording both albums. Walk With Me Now's first single just came out and is called "Already."

"Cats is running they mouth, already!/ Till they get that gun in their mouth," he raps. "This whole rap sh-- fell apart, already!/ Gotta take it back to the start, already!/ Kickin' real sh-- from the heart."

Being sequestered in the studio has apparently left X a little behind on current events. In a recent interview with XXL magazine, the Ruff Ryder claimed to have no idea who Barack Obama is.

"His name is Barack?!" he said to the interviewer. "Is he serious? That ain't his f---in' name. I'mma tell this n---a when I see him, 'Stop that bullsh--. Stop that bullsh--.' Your momma ain't name you no damn Barack!"