Ashley Alexandra Dupre's Song Loses Steam On Radio, Despite Eliot Spitzer Scandal

Alleged prostitute's 'What We Want' was a big hit online, but failed to gain traction after a day on New York's Z100.

For an aspiring pop singer, there's nothing better than having your song played on a top New York radio station like Z100.

There's nothing worse, however, than having your song yanked out of rotation almost immediately.

Ashley Alexandra Dupré (born Ashley Youmans), the alleged call girl known as "Kristen" at the center of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's prostitution scandal, appeared to hit it big yesterday, when her song "What We Want" was added to Z100's playlist.

"Z100 is all about playing what's hot, and we can't think of anything hotter than a song from the woman at the center of the scandal that took down the governor of New York," Tom Poleman, senior vice president of programming at the New Jersey-based radio station, said in a statement released Thursday. "On top of that, it's not a bad song. Looks like she may have a new career; this time in music."

But just as fast as Spitzer vacated his post, Dupré's song has now been reeled in at Z100. As of Friday afternoon, the track — a pulsating dance number that sounds like it was scraped from the cutting-room floor of a J. Lo recording session — was being playing sparingly on Z100, but not nearly with as much regularity as it had the day before.

"Listener response has not been great, so we are pulling back and just offering [the song] to listeners via," on-air jock JJ told MTV News in an e-mail message Friday (March 14), though the track was still heard on the station later that day.

Word of Dupré's musical ambitions spread after her MySpace page began being linked to from other Web sites, most notably the Drudge Report.

"I am all about my music, and my music is all about me," her profile states. "It flows from what I've been through, what I've seen and how I feel."

By 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon, "What We Want" had been streamed on MySpace close to 800,000 times. But later that day, Client 9's favorite vixen stripped her page bare, removing pictures as well as the track. "What We Want" and another song, "Move Ya Body," then resurfaced on another site,, where Dupré had set up a personal music store and made the songs available for purchase as 99-cent downloads.

Dupré has since restored her MySpace page, and despite her song losing steam with Z100, it appears she has the full support of her newfound fans. Well-wishers continue to leave the high-price escort words of encouragement.

"F--- the hate," wrote a poster by the name of Notar. "You are gonna get a lot of it right now, but just get that money and freak this idiotic society for all it's worth."