Corey Feldman Says 'Lost Boys 2' Will Have Gore, Nudity And Corey Haim

'It's 'Lost Boys' on steroids,' actor says of the sequel, which comes 21 years after the original.

It's one of the greatest last lines in recent film history: "One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach," Grandpa says at the end of "The Lost Boys," "All the damn vampires." So how do Corey Feldman and company raise the stakes for a sequel?

With even more damn vampires, the affable 36-year-old laughed, happy to be returning to his most famous role after 21 years.

We assume you've watched the trailer, exclusively here on MTV News. Now, Feldman wants to spill more secrets from "Lost Boys 2: The Tribe," including details on the plot, his favorite kill, his surprise co-stars and what it's like once again to don the headband of Edgar Frog. (Click over to the Movies Blog to delve deep into Feldman's fantasy of making "Lost Boys 3.")

MTV: We've just watched the trailer. Now set it up — where are we at the beginning of "Lost Boys 2: The Tribe"?

Corey Feldman: We're picking up 21 years after the original film took place. It's another small seaside town like Santa Carla, called Luna Bay. There are many fresh faces, but the interesting thing about those fresh faces is that they all have some correlation with the original film. So one of the things that you're going to see right at the beginning of the trailer ... is Chris Emerson, the nephew of Sam Emerson [Corey Haim] and Jason Patric's character, Michael Emerson. It's actually his niece and nephew that go on this new adventure, so it's really following characters that we've already established, that you're already familiar with.

MTV: And Edgar Frog? How familiar will he feel?

Feldman: I think that's one of the big questions: Corey Feldman returning as Edgar Frog all these years later — is he gonna look the same? Is he gonna sound the same? Is it gonna feel like you're watching the Frog brothers?

I put on the costume, put on the headband, I grew my hair out, bleached it blonde again, I even made my eyebrows all bushy and crazy just like they were in the first one. I went to every length possible to make sure that I was emulating the appearance and the feel and the character as closely as possible to the first film. This guy hasn't changed in 20 years. He looks exactly like we remember him looking, other than he's got some neck tattoos, but that's the only physical difference.

MTV: What about emotionally?

Feldman: Emotionally, he has grown because he has been through the trenches since we saw him last. When we saw Edgar Frog in the original film, he was a movie geek, a comic book geek. But it wasn't reality for him, it was merely a fantasy, and suddenly he found himself in the midst of an actual caper where he had to do all the things that he dreamed of.

Well, fast-forward 21 years — he's had a great deal of experience now. He's seen some very ugly things and been through some very hard times with his brother and, of course, Sam Emerson. And much of the story that has transpired in those last 21 years has made him tougher and braver and edgier. He's now doing it from a place of experience and expertise. He has rhino skin. There's nothing that can cut through 'cause he's braved it all before.

MTV: So why is he still doing it then?

Feldman: Well, one of the great things I think about the first film was that these guys had this bravado and macho outlook, but it was a façade — when they were actually confronted, you saw nothing but fear in their eyes. That's a great moment, when they're battling the guy in the bathtub and they're clenched together, holding onto their lives. All of that's washed away now. And you ask, "Why would he continue this journey? Why would he still chase and hunt vampires?" Well, it's become very personal now, because he and his brother have become known as the leading adversaries in the hunt against vampires. They're really the soldiers, the last stop between bloodsuckers and humanity. And he feels that it's his life quest, his mission, to continue this work.

MTV: It seems to me you're saying the first film was really an arc towards heroism from bravado. What would you say of Edgar's arc in the second film?

Feldman: Well, he's gone so far in the direction of John Rambo, of becoming this pillar of strength, this soldier in the night — which makes him not that far removed from the very thing that he's hunting. To understand your prey you must walk a day in his shoes. And certainly that's the case with Edgar. He's become so disconnected with the reality of humanity and civilization and society that he only lives in his own existence, so for him to be able to actually touch back on that humanity and remember what it was that was important to him as a human is really where you get to see a character arc.

MTV: Do you have a favorite kill in this movie?

Feldman: My favorite personal kill is one that involves an air-propelled water-grenade launcher.

MTV: What about a favorite line?

Feldman: Something along the lines of "Put a man near a fire, he's warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he's warm for the rest of his life."

MTV: This is the part of the interview, sir, where I ask you about Corey Haim. I read your blog, and I read a couple updates, and I'm confused — is he in the film?

Feldman: He is in the film. It's obviously something that we've been trying to keep under wraps because there's been so much speculation. There's been so much back and forth. But, that said, I am proud to say he is finally a part of the film.

MTV: What's the biggest difference between this film and the first, then?

Feldman: It's "Lost Boys" on steroids. And I keep using that terminology because it's really kind of factual. There's more gore, there's nudity, which there definitely wasn't in the first film. And it's modernized, everything from the wardrobe to the music to the types of bikes they're riding.

MTV: Theatrical release or straight to DVD?

Feldman: No one seems to have that answer. But I want to say one thing: I have been utterly dumbfounded by this process and amazed and shocked and overwhelmed by the tremendous response from the fans out there who are so indignant and so persistent in trying to see this film hit the big screen. I've never seen anything like it. Regardless of what happens in that battle, I'm proud to say that, watching the trailer, it feels like a big, exciting, explosive movie to me, and one that I would only imagine seeing on the big screen.

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