Snoop Dogg Cries? MC Explains Why Guy Song Makes Him So Emotional

'That record means a lot to me and my wife,' Snoop says of 'Let's Chill,' which was performed when the couple renewed their vows.

Snoop Dogg and Teddy Riley don't just have a musical production company together — DJ Quik is the third partner in the trio, which they've dubbed QDT — they have a real friendship.

When Snoop recently renewed his wedding vows to his wife, Riley was on hand — not just as a spectator, but as a performer. Snoop asked Riley and his group, Guy, to sing their classic "Let's Chill" as part of the nuptials.

Fans got to see the whole thing on Snoop's reality show, "Fatherhood." While the Dogg partying is nothing new, we did get a chance to see a different side of him during the show. Snoop actually cried while Charlie Wilson (filling in for Guy member Aaron Hall) sang the timeless lyrics: "From the first time I saw your face/ Girl, I knew I had to have you/ I wanted to wrap you with my warm embrace/ Visions of your lovely face."

So why do Guy's lyrics get the West Coast icon so emotional?

"That record means a lot to me and my wife, my relationship," he explained to MTV News recently in L.A. "Just all the stuff me and my wife been through. ... That one record right there, 'Let's Chill,' makes me feel good. Just when I hear it, I could cry."

Snoop and Riley were in New York on Monday night at club Touch celebrating Tuesday's (March 11) release of the Dogg's Ego Trippin,' which features the MC's latest single and video, "Life of Da Party." Tha Dogg Pound, Snoop's spiritual adviser Bishop Don "Magic" Juan, Jermaine Dupri and Warner Music Group exec Kevin Liles were among those who also came out.

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