R. Kelly's New Dis Track: Is He Lashing Out At Jay-Z, Ne-Yo Or Young Jeezy?

R&B crooner releases some pent-up anger (toward an unknown victim) on 'I'm a Beast.'

R. Kelly is on a rampage. He's a maniac on the mic these days — admittedly.

One of his enemies (or maybe all of them collectively) has incited him to go in and record a dis record called "I'm a Beast." He raps the three verses with aggravated bars like "I've been grinding for 17 years, trying to keep the peace/ But now you muthaf---as done brought out the beast."

Since the track hit the Net on Monday, fans have been trying to guess who the Grammy winner is talking about. There are a bunch of clues, so let the games begin.

The line "Never been a snitch boy, never been a b---h boy" could easily be aimed at Jay-Z, who rapped, "Now the singer Rob calls the police on me/ Y'all n---as ran out and copped the CD/ See what I discovered, is y'all snitch lovers?" on his Kingdom Come album.

Another possible target is Ne-Yo, who got booted off Kells' tour last year and claimed the R.'s jealousy of him was behind the abrupt dismissal. "Why I gotta hate on you?/ Look at me, I'm rich, boy/ You need a steering wheel the way you riding my di--, boy," Kelly sings on "Beast."

Then there's Young Jeezy — yes, the Snowman himself. Mr. 17.5 and Kelly had a smash not too long ago with "Go Getta," right? Curiously, there's a line in "I'm a Beast" that goes, "Say you's a 'go getta'/ Go get your own sh--, boy."

Hmmm. Well, until Kelly comes out and says who he's talking about, we will never know for sure. Although the Pied Piper does a lot of indirect finger-pointing, he never says anybody's name. At the end of the song, he jokes that he might start naming names on the remix.

Kelly's greatest challenge, he reveals on the song, doesn't come from any of the "devils' mouths" who have been talking about him — it lies within. "My career is soaring while my life is a hot mess/ But the depth of my struggles determines the height of my success," he rhymes. "But the depth of my struggles determines the height of my success."

The singer's latest scandal came on the heels of his separation from longtime publicist Regina Daniels. Regina's husband, music retailer George Daniels, announced in a radio interview that Kelly slept with their 21-year-old daughter and that they were disgusted by his betrayal. Kelly shot back that Regina was bitter after being fired because of incompetence.

According to his camp, Kelly is in the studio working on his next album, and there's talk that it might be out as early as summer. Nothing has been officially scheduled, though. Recently Kelly has appeared on Rick Ross' "Speedin'," Beanie Sigel's "All of the Above" and an unofficial remix of Kanye West's "Flashing Lights."