'Vantage Point' Admires View From Top Of Box Office

U2 may be world-famous, but Bono is no Miley Cyrus.

The Box-Office Top Five

#1 "Vantage Point" ($24 million)

#2 "Jumper" ($12.7 million)

#3 "The Spiderwick Chronicles" ($12.6 million)

#4 "Step Up 2 the Streets" ($9.8 million)

#5 "Fool's Gold" ($6.3 million)

No matter which angle you view it from (or how good your memory is), there's only one version of the truth this Oscar weekend, as "Vantage Point" came in first place at the domestic box office. It's no conspiracy, the political thriller about the (supposed) assassination of the president scored $24 million in its debut weekend.

Good news for Dennis Quaid, but bad news for Hayden Christensen, who we imagine is right now shouting "Nooooo!" like he did at the end of "Revenge of the Sith." "Jumper" fell 54 percent to come in second place with $12.7 million, just a tick higher than the $12.6 million haul for third-place finisher "The Spiderwick Chronicles." After two weeks, their cumulative totals stand at $56.2 million and $43.6 million, respectively.

While "Step Up 2 the Streets" continued to impress with a fourth-place finish of $9.8 million, the real story of the weekend was the collapse of several other new releases, especially "Be Kind Rewind." The Jack Black and Mos Def vehicle managed to nab only $4.1 million in its opening weekend, despite heavy anticipation from fans waiting to see Sweded versions of their favorite movies. Meh, perhaps we can catch it on VHS.

Also taking in disappointing numbers were "Witless Protection," starring Larry the Cable Guy ("Don't git-R-done?"), which came in 13th place with just $2.1 million, and "Charlie Bartlett," which finished right behind with $1.8 million. See kids? Selling drugs doesn't pay.

If there's one thing we learned this weekend, however, it's that Bono ain't no Miley Cyrus. "U2 3D" expanded into nearly 700 theaters but still managed to make only $1 million, about half a million less than Cyrus' 3-D concert movie managed in its fourth week.

Upcoming Releases

Remember when Will Ferrell dressed up silly and did funny things as a soccer coach? How about when he was a race-car driver? And who could forget the poise, the skill and the hair he exhibited as an ice skater? Ferrell continues his quest for his own personal decathlon with the release of "Semi-Pro," a story about the dying days of the American Basketball Association. Knowing Will, there should be plenty of short shorts. Also opening are "The Other Boleyn Girl," with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson on loan from my dreams, and "Penelope" with Christina Ricci.

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