Lil Wayne Makes Up For Lateness With Rock-Star Swagger At New Jersey Show

Court-bound rapper breaks out his guitar, asks fans to pray for him.

Yeah, it was getting kind of ridiculous. Two hours and 15 minutes of waiting, laboring through a multitude of local opening acts — one of whom had the audacity to rap over Harold Faltermeyer's "Beverly Hills Cop" classic, "Axel F." Two and a half hours in, the loud-mouth young lady sitting behind the MTV News family was right on the money: "Where the f--- is Weeeeeezy at?" she asked, in exasperation.

The Lil Wayne fan, like a majority of the audience, had been waiting for the hottest MC in the game since the advertised 8 p.m. start time. Around 10:30, patience was wearing thin. Hottest MC right now? Plenty of fans in Newark Symphony Hall Sunday night would tell you yes. Most punctual? Nobody would agree with that. Wayne didn't get on until almost 11.

(Wayne responds to 50 Cent blowing up over our "Hottest MCs" verdict in Mixtape Monday.)

By the time Angie Martinez, the host for the night, announced Weezy F. Baby's arrival, the whole crowd collectively wanted to sigh in relief, but there really wasn't time. But who has time to dwell on the past when the rapper everyone in the hip-hop community is talking about is running around right in front of you? Adoration came in abundance right from the start.

Dressed in a black leather jacket, black jeans and a black T-shirt, Weezy yelled, "F--- bitches, get money!" as the music for "Money on My Mind" came on. "What the boy B.I.G. taught us?" he added seconds after the first verse, when he addressed his star quality and ability to accrue large sums of income.

"I appreciate y'all. Thank you," he said to the crowd. Then he said there were three things he wanted to get off his chest before he went any further with the program.

Number one: "I believe in God and his son Jesus Christ. Do you?"

Number two: "I ain't sh-- without y'all, so make noise for what you create."

Number three: "I ain't sh-- without y'all, so make noise for what you create." (Words so nice, he said 'em twice.)

The most famous rap anthem about high-end luggage ever (or at least in the last year) came in the aftermath: Playaz Circle's "Duffle Bag Boys."

"If I don't do nothin' I'mma ball," Weezy sang. "I'm countin' all day like the clock on the wall/ Now go and get ya money, little duffle bag boy/ Say go and get ya money, little duffle bag boy/ Get money!" He then sang Tity Boi's first verse: "The beat's so hot, the flow is so ice-cold/ Walk into the Gucci store/ Honey, I'm home."

After "You Ain't Know," Weezy had a little fun doing the Soulja Boy Tell Em' dance, which he insisted everybody has done, whether they admit to it or not. "Block Is Hot," "Hustla Musik," "Fireman" and an a cappella freestyle (where he insisted that if hip-hop was dead, he was the "embalming fluid") followed. Then, around 11:10, the house lights came on. Suddenly everyone was nervously thinking, "I know Wayne is going to give us more than 25 minutes."

He did, but the house lights stayed on for the duration. Later on, Weezy would address his infamous, always handy Styrofoam cup, telling the crowd that drinking sizzurp is something they do in the South.

"I've been criticized for the things I chose and things I've chosen to do," he said. "What I tell 'em?" The sample from "I Feel Like Dying" kicked in, and a rock-star moment ensued as a shirtless Wayne shook his dreads and thousands of fans sang along. "If you do what the f--- you wanna do, say yeah," the Louisiana Fireman yelled.

Juelz Santana made a quick cameo for a verse on "Steppin' to the Bad Side," then Wayne slowed it down, sat down at a chair and played his guitar. Carlos Santana doesn't have to worry about competition from Wayne yet, as the self-taught Weezy is still learning how to bang the strings. Interesting to watch nonetheless. He played and sang "Prostitute Flange" and "Leather So Soft."

The frenzy returned on "We Takin' Over" when Wayne set his mic on the floor and crawled towards it like a hungry lion about to devour its prey. "I am the beast," he fittingly rapped. "Feed me rappers or feed me beats."

"Pop Bottles" was the last actual song of his set, but he did slip in one more freestyle: "Get on my level/ They will need a space shuttle or a ladder that's forever/ I just do this for my clique like Adam Sandler."

Before he left, Wayne told his fans that he had to go to court the next morning and that he would appreciate them putting him in their prayers. He also joked about a phone call he had with Whitney Houston, which led to "I Will Always Love You" being played and a ceremonial donning of a bathrobe.

"Sexual f---ing chocolate has left the building, bitch," he said as he exited.

"We want Weezy!" That's what fans are yelling. Well, you can find your fix here at for the next several days, because it's Weezy Week! All week, we'll be rolling out articles in which Lil Wayne expounds on his controversy with 50 Cent, his boundless creativity, his legal difficulties and much more!