Mobb Deep's Prodigy Claims He Wasn't Hospitalized, Contrary To Lawyer's Statement

Lawyer's statement is contradicted by post on rapper's blog, rep for MC.

On Wednesday, a New York judge granted Mobb Deep's Prodigy a second medical reprieve from his scheduled 3-and-a-half year prison bid, which was set to begin that day. However, there seems to be some confusion regarding the rapper's health.

Prodigy was hospitalized recently after experiencing severe lung pain, according to an interview with his attorney Irving Cohen on Thursday (February 14).

But in a blog post on his Web site Wednesday afternoon, Prodigy wrote: "Who cares what they say, they say a lot. Spell/ pronounce my name right when it's time ... I did Connecticut twice in a row, B.B. King's in New York, then Boston, Albany and New Hampshire. So I don't know why they wanna say I'm sick in the hospital. I'm very good, getting that show bread."

Representatives close to Prodigy also confirmed he had not been hospitalized. When reached by MTV News Thursday, Cohen had no comment regarding Prodigy's blog entry.

Last month Prodigy also reportedly suffered complications from his sickle-cell anemia condition and was granted the first of his now two temporary extensions of freedom. Originally, Prodigy was set to begin his prison term — stemming from a 2006 gun charge, to which he pleaded guilty in October 2007 — on January 8.

The date, however, came and went without his compliance. According to previous media reports, prison officials requested the rapper be granted an additional postponement as the facility was ordered to be properly equipped to deal with his medical condition.

Prodigy's bout with sickle-cell anemia has long been a public matter: The rapper has often cited his blood disorder and related complications in his lyrics. Last year alone, he was hospitalized three times for his condition and reportedly underwent a hip-replacement surgery.

While he's been waiting for his prison sentence to begin, Prodigy has been promoting his forthcoming solo project, H.N.I.C. 2, now due April 8. Several songs have leaked to the Web, however; the first official single is slated to be "Real Power Is People," for which he shot a video recently in New York at the Queens House of Detention in Kew Gardens.