Paramore Vs. Hillary Clinton? Guitarist Explains 'Crazy' Comment About Presidential Hopeful

Josh Farro also clarifies his remark about frontwoman Hayley Williams' leadership role in the band.

Last week was a pretty rocky one for Paramore guitarist Josh Farro.

First, he found himself in hot water over some comments he made about Hillary Clinton in an online fan chat, saying he hoped she didn't get the Democratic nomination " 'cause she's crazy." Then he managed to fire up rumors of dissent within his band by saying in an interview, "We are a team. We are a band. It's not just [frontwoman] Hayley [Williams] — it's not her band. Just because she's the lead singer doesn't mean she's the only one involved."

So, naturally, when MTV News caught up with Farro and the rest of Paramore backstage at People magazine's pre-Grammy party, we tried to get him to clarify both situations. And, also naturally, he didn't seem to be too eager to speak about either. But, after some cajoling, he loosened up and tried to explain his side of things (the key word being "tried"). First, about that Hillary remark ...

"[Bassist] Jeremy [Davis] and I were on a message board, and kids were just asking us continually, 'What do you think about Hillary Clinton?' and I just felt like saying, 'She's crazy,' " Farro said. "Because we're not a political band at all, like, we try and separate ourselves from that because it gets too ... I didn't mean anything by it, and now I've learned to keep my mouth shut about that stuff. Stay out of politics."

That was about all Farro had to say about the matter, so we switched gears and got him talking about his whole "we are a team" thing, which he was decidedly more clear about. He didn't try to wiggle out of it by saying he was misquoted or anything like that. In fact, he stood by his comments, though he tried to diffuse any rumors of unhappiness within the band.

"Well, I mean, Hayley does get asked all the questions," he laughed. "And it's totally fine with us. I mean, most of the time people ask us questions, and we're like, 'Uh, I don't know.' ... And Hayley's like, 'I got an answer for that.' So it works out, you know?"

Totally. So, now that Farro is a member of a successful band and has to watch what he says, does that take some of the fun out of being a member of a successful band? As if on cue, Williams jumped in to answer.

"This is never not going to be fun. I mean, obviously there are gonna be ups and downs, but we just realize that the position we're in is so special, and it could go away like that, so we're just taking advantage of it," she said. "It is weird when, kind of all of a sudden, people are calling you a role model, and they're expecting you to be perfect all the time, and I'm here to say right now, we are so far from perfect."