'Fight Club' On Broadway? Director, Writer Plan To Mark Film's 10-Year Anniversary With A Musical

Trent Reznor might even do the music, author Chuck Palahniuk says he heard from filmmaker David Fincher.

I am Jack's ... gorgeous libretto?

A long-rumored Broadway adaptation of "Fight Club" is closer than ever to happening, an excited David Fincher told MTV News, admitting that preparations have been amped up in anticipation of the film's upcoming landmark.

"I want at the 10-year anniversary to do 'Fight Club' as a musical on Broadway," the director enthused. "I love the idea of that."

Apparently, so do many others. Now that Fincher has broken Fight Club's first rule (and, for that matter, its second), the masterminds behind the film are eager to join the chorus — none more so than "Club" author Chuck Palahniuk, who said he thinks the idea for a musical is as beautiful and unique as a tiny snowflake. (Note: You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.)

"So he's now publicly talking about it?" Palahniuk enthused. "If it happens, it would be extraordinary."

"If" being the operative word at the moment, both men admit, since no concrete plans have yet been finalized. If it does make its way to the stage, though, "Fight Club: The Musical" would join a long list of movies adapted for the Great White Way, including recent additions like "The Producers," "Spamalot" and "Young Frankenstein."

Those movies and others, however, already had the benefit of being a little campy, making it easier to retroactively fit big song-and-dance numbers into their respective story lines. This is something "Fight Club" cannot claim — or can it?

"Everybody would look at me like a leper," he said. "[But] I always saw it as a comedy."

Which is good news for those of us who'd like to see songs like "I Am the All-Singing, All-Dancing Crap of This World," "His Name Is Robert Paulson" and "How to Make Napalm From Orange Juice and Gasoline," but not so good for those who might like a more serious take.

Luckily, Fincher and Palahniuk have a pretty solid plan B, they told MTV News.

"The last I heard from David was that Trent Reznor was going to do the music," the author revealed (representatives for Reznor had no comment by press time). "Maybe 'Choke' the musical will be next!" he added, referring to another one of his works that is being made into a film (it's due in theaters August 28).

Maybe, but either way, Palahnuik admitted he'll have little involvement with any future adaptation.

"I might write the book or the script," Palahnuik said, "but [a musical is] a whole different animal for me."

There is no word yet whether any of the film castmembers would reprise their roles. The 1999 film starred Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Meat Loaf and Helena Bonham Carter.

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