'Hannah Montana' Is Best Of Box Office, Breaks Records For Concert Movies

Super Bowl weekend was the perfect opportunity for young girls to flock to the theater to see the Disney sensation in 3-D.

The Box-Office Top Five

#1 "Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert" ($29 million)

#2 "The Eye" ($13 million)

#3 "27 Dresses" ($8.4 million)

#4 "Juno" ($7.4 million)

#5 "Meet the Spartans" ($7.1 million)

It was one of the biggest upsets ever: Records fell, dynasties crumbled, and legends were made. Heck, just about the only thing "Hannah Montana" didn't do this weekend was beat the New York Giants.

Averaging an astronomical $42,459 per theater, Disney's "Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert," scored $29 million in its debut weekend to claim supremacy at the domestic box office. The 3-D flick starring the world's biggest teen sensation scored this victory on just 683 specially equipped digital screens.

That makes "Hannah Montana" the smallest release ever to get to #1 (trumping Borat's $26.5 million from 837 locations), the biggest-ever opening for a 3-D movie or a concert film and the biggest-ever haul for a Super Bowl weekend (beating a little movie nobody's ever heard of called "Titanic"). And you thought the Manning family had a good few days.

Although it only narrowly beat "The Eye" in terms of number of admittances, "Hannah" was helped by the fact that many theaters charged upwards of $15 a ticket (it was billed as a "special event"). That's little consolation to Jessica Alba, whose supernatural thriller came in a distant second with $13 million.

In its third weekend, "27 Dresses" kept wearing well, earning $8.4 million to come in third place. Best Picture nominee "Juno," meanwhile, continued to impress, scoring $7.4 million for a fourth-place finish.

The rest of the top 10, however, seemed to suffer from a Super Bowl malaise, especially last week's top two, "Meet the Spartans" and "Rambo," the movies whose core audience (young males) would be least likely to miss the big game. "Spartans" made $7.1 million to come in fifth place, while "Rambo" came in slightly behind with $7 million. Both suffered near identical (and disastrous) 61.5 percent drops.

Among other new releases, "Over Her Dead Body," starring Eva Longoria Parker and Paul Rudd, finished in 11th place with just $4.6 million.

Upcoming Releases

Vince Vaughn goes on the road with his "Wild West Comedy Show," Martin Lawrence goes home in "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins," and Matthew McConaughey goes shirtless (again, sigh) in "Fool's Gold."

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