Britney Spears Placed Under 14-Day Hold At Hospital: Report reports singer's stay has been extended.

Britney Spears' hospitalization has been extended to an additional 14-day hold, reported Sunday (February 3). TMZ initially reported the news in more speculative terms on Saturday. reported that only the singer's psychiatrist would have had the authority to request the involuntary stay, noting that she could be released earlier if she legally demands to be released or her doctor deems her well enough for outpatient treatment.

Early Thursday morning, Spears was rushed to the hospital by ambulance for the second time in a month. According to reports in the Los Angeles Times, Spears, 26, was physically removed from her home by police and put into an ambulance at around 1 a.m. PT, then escorted to the UCLA Medical Center by a phalanx of more than a dozen motorcycle officers, two police cruisers and two police helicopters.

Spears was taken to the hospital to "get help," a Los Angeles police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Associated Press.

On January 3, Spears was placed on a 72-hour mental-health evaluation hold when police were called to her house after she would not give up custody of her two children to a representative for ex-husband Kevin Federline, who had come to pick them up; she was released two days later. The troubled singer lost visitation rights of sons Sean Preston, 2 and Jayden James, 1, on January 4 after her hospitalization following her refusal to hand the children back to Federline.

On Friday, a Los Angeles judge decided that the hospitalized singer's father, who along with her mother called an emergency hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court, should have control over their daughter's affairs, at least temporarily.

Jamie and Lynne Spears asked the court to establish a conservatorship, where they would be co-conservators, along with a third independent party, so they can make decisions in regards to health care and finances for their adult daughter. Commissioner Reva Goetz decided that Jamie Spears would be the conservator of Britney's person, as well as her estate, along with attorney Andrew Wallat, who was appointed by the judge. The conservatorship lasts at least through Monday, at which point the issue will be addressed in depth at another hearing that afternoon. Spears' custody dispute with ex-husband Kevin Federline is due for a status hearing that morning.