Eve And Cassidy LPs Haven't Been Scrapped, Swizz Beatz Promises; Steve-O Stunts As A Rapper, In Mixtape Monday

Plus: Teddy Riley has Juelz Santana on deck; Ryan Leslie gets props from G-Unit; Shawty Lo primes DVD.

Artist: We use this term very loosely when referring to Steve-O.

Representing: Comedy, monkey business and head-scratching wayward behavior

Mixtape: The Dumbest A--hole in Hip-Hop

411: "Ahhhhh yeah, dude!" It's not exactly the freestyle cipher we brought you months ago with Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Eve and Drag-On, but the footage we have this week was so foolish, we had to put it up. Proverbial jokester — this guy was actually a professional clown in a travelling circus for a while — Stephen "Steve-O" Glover is rapping again, and we just so happened to have cameras rolling while he and his bodyguard kicked rhymes in their apartment. That was, until the cops came. And oh yeah, former MTV host Tom Green was hanging with them as well. After watching this, no one can argue with O's mixtape's title, The Dumbest A--hole in Hip-Hop. If Sisqó can do country, guess Stevie can rap, huh? At least he is not trying to be too serious with it. We can thank Dave Chappelle for this too. Steve says Dave told him since he wasn't actually an MC, he had "diplomatic immunity" and could basically do whatever he wanted.

Joints to Check For:

» "Crack Cocaine (Feels So Good)." "I don't go by the rules, I go by the streets," O said. "I'm hot in the streets. You know who helped me with this mixtape? Red Spyda and Superstar J. You know who didn't lift a finger? Whoo Kid. Who is that? Punk!"

» If you thought the title of the first song was contemptible, well, let's just say he doesn't tone it down at all throughout the mixtape, whether it be in terms of tone, song names or cover artwork (yikes!). Definitely adult content here. There are songs such as "Steve O's Stupid Outro," "Poppin' Off" and "People Giggled." "Old Steve-O thought it would be funny to become a rapper. Turns out he's good," O said. "This is gonna be sweet."

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

(click for photos of the mixtapes)

» DJ Delz, Klassik & Profluent - DJ Delz, Klassik & Profluent Present: Pimp C - Trill Immortal

» DJ Delz, Klassik & Profluent - DJ Delz, Klassik & Profluent Present: Pimp C - Trill Immortal

» DJ Delz - DJ Delz Presents Twin Ghosts: A Tale of Two Families

» DJ Smallz - Texas Trafficking

» Plies and Rick Ross - Goon Music

» Big Mike and Trap-O-Holics - Big Mike and Trap-O-Holics Present: Jadakiss - Al Qaeda Jada (The Prequel)

» DJ Strong, 50 Cent, Whoo Kid and 40 Glocc -Outspoken 3: Infamous/ G Unit Edition

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar

» G-Unit - "Paper Chaser"

» Jay-Z - "Ain't I"

» Talib Kweli - "Momma Can You Hear Me"

» D12 - "We Deep"

» Jadakiss - "Morning Was Hashbrowns"

» Prodigy - "New Yitti" and "Young Vet"

Fire Starter: Janelle Monáe

She's got a fashion sense that'll make Andre 3000 jealous and feet faster than Fonzworth Bentley. And last week in New York, Janelle Monáe made a name all for herself when she wowed a mostly veteran music-industry crowd at R&B Live with a high-octane performance of her retro single "Violet Starts Happy Hunting." Signed to Bad Boy thanks to Outkast's Big Boi (catch her cameo in 'Kast's "Morris Brown" clip), this ATLien kick-started her career by performing around the Peach State before starting her own production company, Wondaland Arts Society. To date, she has sold more than 10,000 copies of her independently released debut album, Metropolis, which caught the attention of Diddy. "She's the first person I chased after to sign myself since Biggie," he told the R&B Live crowd.

Celebrity Faves

Believe or not, the album name The Maniacal Musical Mind of Ryan Leslie doesn't quite sing like a self-titled one does, so the man behind the new hit "Diamond Girl" is going with his handle as the title for his June 10 debut.

Although "Diamond Girl" doesn't have a video yet, the radio airplay alone is exciting Leslie's peers to make their own unofficial remixes.

"We had a huge look with that G-Unit when they jumped on it," said Leslie, who is best known for producing Cassie's self-titled 2006 debut. "They put it on www.ThisIs50.com. Whoo Kid's been blasting it off. Then MIMS, Craig David, Estelle [all made remixes]. It's been a lot of support, especially from with the industry."

Leslie says don't look for any big remix to the song. He's gonna let everybody do their thing and have fun with his record on the Net and mixtapes much like they did with Cassie's "Me & U."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

"I got Keith Sweat, Heavy D/ Today, [Kool] Moe Dee, [Al] B. Sure, and my man Bobby Brown ..."

Over the years, new jack swing creator Teddy Riley has worked with all the best, from Michael Jackson to his own group, the legendary Guy. After a long hiatus to raise his kids, Riley is making a comeback.

He's working on Snoop Dogg's upcoming Ego Trippin' LP and even has work with fellow uptown native Juelz Santana on deck.

"I just want him to know I wanna do his music," Riley said on the phone from L.A. last week. "I wanna work with him. I had to come out here [to work with] Snoop because he asked me to come out here first. But I support [Santana]. I support New York highly, and I'm gonna keep on doing it. It's gonna be amazing. Just doing records with Juelz Santana, I think we will definitely have that Harlem swinging song, man. I can't wait to do that."

Santana has already recorded more than a hundred tracks for his upcoming Born to Win, Built to Lose (The Reagan Era). "I'm an '80s baby. I call myself 'human crack in the flesh,' " Santana explained. "Because I feel like my music is crack, people get addicted — they want more, they want more, they want more. And the Reagan era was pretty much the biggest crack era/ drug era of all time. So I'mma bring that back. It's time for everyone to make money, ya dig?

"I realized it had to be that much better, when I got the title," he added. "We born to fail, we can't talk, we can't do nothing [when we born]. We have to strive to win, so that's what I'm about now."

Juelz's homie Cam'ron started the Diplomats — Santana told us last week that all its members will be on the upcoming Diplomatic Immunity 3 LP — and Jim Jones started the Byrd Gang, so it's only right that the youngest of the crew gets in on the act. The Harlem rhyme-spitter is gearing up to launch Skull Gang Records. His lead artist will be Rabbi, and Santana said he and Lil Wayne will be featured on the label's upcoming first single. ...

As Swizz Beatz told us, if you loved that rhyme for "Dr. Carter" that Lil Wayne kicked a cappella for us a few weeks ago, you will undoubtedly bang your head through a wall once you hear the finished song.

"I was like, 'Why the f--- they putting [an] a cappella [version] out?' " Swizz, the producer of the song, said. He noted how Web sites have picked up the exclusive audio Wayne gave Mixtape Monday. "That 'Dr. Carter,' I made [the beat] for Hov to save the game. He vibed with it, but he didn't jump on it. I was like, 'Hov Carter.' 'Wayne Carter.' It still works."

Swizzy says the actual beat has an old-school vibe, but you'll hear all types of hospital sound effects, including flat lines.

Speaking of flatties, the Bronx-bred One Man Band Man said Eve's Here I Am — despite constant push-backs — isn't dead. They're going back in the lab, and Swizz will produce some if not the entire project. Same thing for Cassidy's next album.

"It ain't over until it's out," he said. "Everybody wants the best for her. We just regrouping and starting back."

"It wasn't too many follow-ups that can follow up after 'Tambourine,' just like there wasn't too many follow-ups that can come after 'My Drink N' My 2 Step,' " he continued. "You get those type of records ... I'm sorry to make those type of records, but sh--, they're hard to follow up.

"I'mma get back to doing the [whole] album thing," he added. "It eliminates the problem of what we go through. I let the artist use who they wanna use, this and that, it's crazy. The following up [to the songs I produce], sh-- becomes hard. It's a formula and sound the people are looking for and want. You gotta stay in a zone. If I make 'Drink and 2 Step,' the next three beats I make will be not the same, but [I will make] the same vibe, where it's not too far off, where you can groove. When you get all these different producers, it messes up the formula."

Swizz masterminded the remix to Mary J. Blige's "Just Fine," which features Lil Wayne.

"You gotta just know how to change with time," he said. "I felt it needed a sample, being a DJ. I put it with [Chubb Rock's] 'Treat 'Em Right.' "

Swizz also just dropped one of his own records, "Hard Knocks," with Ruff Ryder Drag-On.

"People would normally expect to see Cassidy on the song with me, but Cass is already established," Beatz explained. "Drag's been in the cut, but he's got super songs. His bars are incredible. He's Mr. Flow. He'll flow on anything. Any way. With the launch of the Ruff Ryders movement on '08, he's gonna get his shine." ...

"I am the King of Bankhead," Shawty Lo told Mixtape Monday of the ATL 'hood last week while he was in New York. "Can't nobody tell you no different. No knock to nobody else, but no matter what I get, that's where I'm at. That where I'm from, that's where I'm comfortable. Ask anybody who's the real Bankhead."

Lo's convictions are so staunch that he named his new DVD "The Real Bankhead Story."

"The DVD follows my life [for] about a month and half," he said. "I feel I'm the realest street figure in Atlanta. They might be rappers — I don't consider myself a rapper. I'm the realest street figure in Atlanta."

Lo was hoping to shoot the remix video for "Dey Know" last week in Atlanta with Ludacris, Plies, Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy, but clearing all the parties has turned into a quagmire. Now he's chosen to just go with visuals for "Dunn Dunn."

Video production commences Wednesday in ATL.

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