MTV's Street Team '08 Has Super Tuesday Covered With Blogs, Video, Photos

Real-time reports will stream live online from citizen journalists representing 23 states holding primaries or caucuses that day.

On Tuesday — the Super-est Tuesday of the year — voters in 23 states will head to the polls to cast their votes, and 23 members of our intrepid Street Team '08 will be there.

Our enterprising citizen journalists will be on the ground, at the polling stations, caucus sites and candidate rallies, bringing you up-to-the minute news as it happens. The candidates aren't going to be stopping on Super Tuesday, and our reporters won't stop either.

Their real-time reports will be streamed live all day on and, and throughout the day, MTV will break into regularly scheduled programming to showcase news featurettes and live reports from our Street Teamers (whom you can meet here).

"Young people are taking hold of the political process like never before, and are clamoring to share and react to the stories as they unfold on the campaign trail in real-time," said MTV President Christina Norman. "The Street Team's Super Tuesday coverage will be hyper-focused on the issues and stories that matter most to our audience, empowering them to experience the day's historic events in a whole new way."

Armed with Nokia N95 mobile devices, laptops and video cameras, our embedded reporters will be bringing you the action from the 23 states holding primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday, and you will be able to follow along with an interactive map on MTV News' and Choose or Lose's sites. Each Street Teamer will also be blogging throughout the day on An innovative application, provided by Flixwagon, powers the mobile-broadcasting technology by allowing anyone with a capable 3G phone to stream live video to the Internet and store it for later viewing.

On the Saturday before Super Tuesday, MTV, MySpace and The Associated Press are offering all the front-runner candidates from both parties one last chance to address the important youth voting bloc with "Closing Arguments: A Presidential Super Dialogue." Democratic Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and two Republican candidates, former Governor Mike Huckabee and Congressman Ron Paul are confirmed to participate in the conversation, set to take place Saturday at 6 p.m. ET live on-air, online and on radio and mobile phones. Invitations have also been extended to the other two remaining Republican candidates, Senator John McCain and former Governor Mitt Romney.

The Street Team '08 program is made possible by a $700,000 Knight News Challenge grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.