Britney Spears' Mother Speaks About Recent Drama: 'I'm Doing As Well As Can Be Expected'

Meanwhile, Dr. Phil says on Wednesday morning talk shows, 'I hear now [Britney] is seeing someone and is getting some help.'

After months of estrangement, Britney Spears and her mother were reunited in Los Angeles Sunday night. Before she saw her daughter, though, Lynne Spears gave Life & Style a quick update.

"Britney's on my mind day and night," Spears told the magazine. "She never leaves my thoughts. I love Britney dearly. I want nothing more than to protect her and make everything all right for her. ... I'm doing as well as can be expected. I'm doing my best."

The day after Britney's mother arrived in Los Angeles, Barbara Walters announced on "The View" that the two were back in touch. After speaking with Spears adviser Sam Lutfi, Walters told her audience, "Her mother has been very supportive of whatever it is Britney's going to do."

That includes getting medical care, as Lutfi also told Walters that the singer has been to a psychiatrist. "And I assume starting having some kind of treatment," Walters added. "He said Britney was suffering from mental issues which are treatable. She's been having mood swings and having trouble sleeping."

That might explain Spears' oft-photographed late-night romps around town — visits to dance studios, gas stations and pharmacies, including the Longs Drugs store she visited with her mother Monday night as talk of an intervention was in the air. Though Dr. Phil McGraw — who drew criticism for going public about his visit to the singer when she was hospitalized earlier this month — had previously said Spears was "in dire need of both medical and psychological intervention," he cleared the air about his involvement with her on "Good Morning America" and "Today" Wednesday morning (January 30). Addressing speculation that he had planned an intervention with the Spears family, he told Diane Sawyer, "Not true.

"I hear now she is seeing someone and is getting some help," McGraw continued. "I hope it's true."

When asked if he would be willing to say whether Britney is bipolar, McGraw responded, "Of course not. I'm not willing to say that. Everyone else is willing to say that."

"I did not go there to diagnose her," he added, defending his hospital visit. "I did not go there to treat her. I did not go there to see her as a professional. It would be really wrong for me or anyone else who is saying that right now to opine about what's wrong with her."

McGraw said he had not reached out to the Spears' family, nor had he wanted to manipulate the situation for his own publicity. "Lynne reached out, [saying,] 'What do we do? Where can we send her? What can happen?' " McGraw told "Good Morning America." "I didn't say a word about this situation for the entire year we were speaking. If that was what I was interested in, I had an entire year to do that."

If Lynne were to reach out again, McGraw told "Today," he and his wife, Robin, would take the call. "I wish them well. I wish her well."