Britney Spears Misses Driving-Charge Hearing; Says She's 'Sick, But In A Good Way'

'I don't think it will go to trial,' singer's lawyer tells reporters outside courthouse; case was continued until February 20.

Twice in one week, Britney Spears has ditched court proceedings, forcing her lawyers to carry on without her. Her latest no-show was for a hearing early Friday morning (January 25) regarding her charge of driving without a license in Van Nuys, California.

Judge T.K. Herman expressed frustration that the misdemeanor charge, which stemmed from an incident in August, was taking so long to resolve, telling the court, "It's apparent that both sides are waiting for other developments. I'm throwing a monkey wrench in those plans."

Herman ordered the singer's attorney and the Los Angeles deputy city attorney to confer about whether this case would go to trial or if a plea agreement could be made. Though the prosecution offered a deal where if Spears would plead guilty, she'd only have to pay a $3,000 fine, her attorney J. Michael Flanagan rejected the offer, saying it wasn't worth having a criminal offense on her record.

"There is no dispute to the facts," Flanagan told reporters outside the courthouse. "There is only a dispute as to the law applicable to the facts. Normally, in California, a charge of driving without a license would be dismissed once the individual has corrected the situation. I would like to see this case dismissed. I don't think it will go to trial."

The case was continued until February 20.

Though Spears had been ordered to appear in court, the singer opted instead to stay up all night Thursday, making runs to Rite Aid and practicing a dance routine at 24 Hour Fitness, during which she made a few cryptic comments.

When asked if she was sad about Heath Ledger's passing, Spears told photographers and videographers, "He's still here. No one ever really dies." And when cautioned to cover up in the rain, otherwise she might get sick, Spears responded, "I'm already sick, but in a good way, if you know what I mean."